Fire during victory and association


The 27th round of the tournament, Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, for professionals ends with a meeting of Al-Nasser and Al-Ittihad on Saturday at King Fahd Stadium in Riyadh, Kalasitsa, waiting to determine the fate of both teams in the league.
Both teams enter this meeting with completely different ambitions, the owner of the country and the public winning team enter this meeting in order to continue to lead the league and move closer to achieving the title while entering the federation at this meeting in an enviable position where fighting from all sides to avoid the horizon of a landing that is struggling from all sides to avoid the horizon of a landing that is struggling from all sides. Once in its history, the team must win at all the other meetings to avoid dangerous centers.

The technical defeat of the team that completely changed the skin with Portuguese coach Roy Vitori, the team managed to win at all meetings with him in the league, began to beat Al Qadisiyah until he managed to crush the leading 5-0 in the final round, Al Nasr won in 14 matches and lost 3 points, Faris Najd refers to the firefighters led by trio of the best shooter Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah, his cousin Noureddine Amrapet and the Brazilian Juliano, who form an offensive force against the defense of any team.

While defending champion Umar Hossawi, Brazilian Maicon, behind them is the Australian goalkeeper Brad Jones, while the Union enters the meeting after returning to its meeting with his Chilean coach Jose Luis Sierra, who returned to lead the team returned with the Union, where the team managed to achieve 3 victories, one draw and loss, to raise the score to point 25, and raise hopes to keep them away from the spectrum of the landing.

4-2-3-1 is the favorite Chilean coach Luis Sierra and the attack is led by the Serbian striker Alexander Preovic, who began to adapt to the team and is an attacking force supported by the behind-the-scenes duo and Brazilian Romarinho, Carlos Villanueva, while relying on the duo Marwan Da Costa, the defending sticks of Ahmed Asiri, and the goalkeeper Fawaz Al-Qarni, who contributed greatly to achieving the results in the second round, so that in six matches he kept a clean sheet.


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