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Egypt – NASA is preparing for a new settlement on the Moon


(MENAFN – Youm7) The US Space Agency has revealed that it doubles its efforts in the Artemis program, which will take people to the moon.

"The Artemis program is a way to get to Mars. Artemis's new identity comes from the Apollo program and makes its way. It shows how it will continue to explore the moon, as never before, and will pave the way for it," NASA said. For a trip to Mars ".

The astronauts are expected to explore some of the moon areas that have not yet been visited and to try out some new techniques that will help people to explore outside the solar system. "On the moon are water, ice and other natural resources that will allow us to continue, Travel in the Deep Universe, this is the moon, humanity will be its next great jump to Mars.

The report showed that the return of the astronauts to the moon in 2024 could cost up to $ 30 billion or about the same price as Apollo 11 when we take into account inflation, where the total costs of the Apollo program launched by the United States in 1961 were completed and terminated. In 1972 it was about 25 billion dollars.

NASA administrator Jim Breidenstein says the main difference between Apollo and Artemis is that it was the first small residence on the Moon, while it requires permanent presence of people, and the plan will include the employment of private companies and international partners, and the construction of a space station at Moon. And landing on the southern full moon in five years.


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