Chips are purified from cholesterol and its benefits are confirmed


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A recent study showed that potato chips "Chips" do not contain cholesterol and that the ingredients are not as harmful as many are, with the emphasis on non-proliferation.

A small amount of chips of less than 15 pcs can be a nutritional value in the body, thus providing salt, essential fats and low calories, according to a study published by a healthy diet.

Reported food information indicates that the shibbsa bag contains less than 15 wafers containing approximately 154 calories and 135 milligrams of salt, 10% of the recommended daily amount.

The same amount of crunchy chips contains 5 percent of the daily intake of folic acid, vitamins C and K, plus 10 percent or more of potassium, vitamins E and B-6.

Nutritional fats contained in "chips" are needed to absorb some nutrients, and if they eat, they will probably get some cholesterol because they used vegetable oils to be cholesterol free.

Standard chips contain 10 grams of total ounce fat and low-fat brands contain only 6 to 7 grams.

Although stress is not serious about the general health of the body, experts recommend not multiplying it and not relying solely on acquiring essential nutrients.

It should be noted that roasted chips that are not processed with oils remain low in fat compared to others, but over time, you need to inspect the components of the bags and packages "Shibes" to make sure it is suitable for your health.

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