Monday , March 8 2021

Castle News The Arab Tourism Organization invites the Arab Council to celebrate Arab Tourism Day on 25 February

Castle news:

The Arab Tourism Organization has called on the Arab world to celebrate Arab Tourism Day, which coincides with the birth of Arab traveler Ibn Battuta on February 25, under the slogan “Digital Transformation to Safe Arab Tourism” and explained the consequences and losses of the tourism industry worldwide. affected by the Corona pandemic will not stop. The efforts of those responsible for this major industry to find advanced and technological solutions commensurate with the reality imposed on it enable it to recover rapidly after the end of the pandemic and enable it to face challenges and compete with global markets based on quality of service. and scope of their development, in order to raise awareness of the importance of the tourism industry and its achievements Economic, social and cultural returns in Arab and international and that the tourism industry in the near future will not only be assessed by the number and number of tourists , the scope of their quality and technological development with a commitment to health measures to be provided through non-contact services, from the arrival of a tourist in the host country to completion All his tourism programs and their departure require a concerted effort by both governments sectors, starting with the port of entry and customs through standardization of supply tkov Biometric for the traveler and connects him through the passport with his ticket and privately through the investor and the joint work, whether in hotels, restaurants, means of transport and all the services that the tourist wants to use during the trip.

The organization confirmed that the digital transformation has become a goal that the Arab world must strive to rank among the developed countries in this important industry in order to get what it deserves by returning safe tourism, whether it is Arabic oz. referring to the latest statistics from the World Economic Forum in Davos, which expected the digital transformation in aviation, travel and tourism to contribute to the added value for the tourism sector, which could reach 2019-20125. $ 305 billion AD) and transferred $ 100 billion to traditional sectors to new competitors and generated indirect benefits of $ 700 billion through reductions. It also expects the impact of the environment, increasing safety and savings, and saving costs and time for tourists, that the tourism sector will witness a selective transition to current jobs and will be gradually linked to the creation of new employment opportunities that depend on the skills of the new digital age. inside and outside the travel system, either at the governmental level, represented by ministries, or at the level of the private sector, represented by investors or workers in this major industry, as it is expected to achieve global spending on Digital Transformation Information only technology, $ 7.5 trillion

Based on the strategic goals of the organization related to maximizing the economic returns of tourism by encouraging the local workforce to fill available jobs in the tourism sector, as well as another goal related to activating the participation of local communities and their involvement in tourism development. by involving local communities in the process of tourism development as a strategic partner Awareness, motivation and encouragement that in addition to the third goal, which refers to the adoption of the tourism sector as an effective tool for improvement, we deal with the functions of this main sector , by increasing training and qualification opportunities in all areas of tourism to make future youth of the Arab world the leaders of this important industry, the organization decided to set up an electronic training platform “Arab Tourism Academy” as soon as the Corona pandemic occurred in the importance of digital transformation for the training of Arab staff with a view to developing and advancing the tourism industry in the Arab world by providing technical staff engaged in training and ongoing rehabilitation to encourage the implementation of technologically advanced rehabilitation programs. Capable of providing services in all atmospheres Tourism, in cooperation with ministries and travel agencies in the Arab world and through regional and Arab universities and experts specializing in this important field, by the end of 2020 AD has trained more than 10 thousand trainees representing government and private sector, which confirms that it will continue to implement a number of programs and specialized training courses this year to support This approach, which has become a real demand, must be met in all our Arab countries.

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