Bacteria in the brain. How did you come in and what to do?


Bacteria in the brain. How did you come in and what to do?

The results of a recent scientific study have shown the existence of bacteria living in the human brain that could reach this site that comes from the gut through blood, which makes scientists confused.

The discovery is the first of its kind, especially since the brain is protected from bacteria and viruses through a strong defense membrane, and penetration can cause serious illnesses, Daily Mail reports.

Scientists have described the discovery that happened accidentally, "exciting" after it was presented last week by researchers at the University of Alabama at a conference in San Diego, United States.

The study completed these results after analyzing the brain of several of the dead, whose purpose is basically to compare the differences between the brain of the mental patients.

If other similar studies confirm this, scientists say that this raises questions about how bacteria have reached the brain and the impact on this sensitive area.

Dr. Ronald McGregor, the University of California in Los Angeles, said the result was "scary".

It is known that bacteria live in the intestines of a person and influence the health of the rest of the body, control weight and risk the disease, and its existence is also associated with anxiety and depression.

Research published in June by the Harvard Medical School described the intestines as the "second brain" because of its significant impact on the mood of human beings.

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