Amir Karara launches the atmosphere in the dance "Takharif" Saidi and the fire report!


Prince Karara is hosting Wafaa Al Kilani in the program

Prince Karara visits Wafaa Al-Kilani in "Tarikh" program

Egyptian artist Amir Karara, a guest at Wafaa Kilani in the Takharif program, who appears on the screen "MBC" every night, and revealed Pasha Egypt for great details about his personal life for the scenes and away from the artistic media.

Karra admitted that some of his actions strongly challenged his wife, among other things, that she would rather sleep in the illuminated area while she wants to sleep dark and dark and adds that she suffers from frequent sleep during sleep.

Pasha explained that the reason for his fear of darkness and sleep in the illuminated room is due to the situation in which he was exposed during childhood, where he slept and woke up to find out that the electricity supply was cut off, that he was very afraid he thinks he has lost sight, and since then he does not want to sleep in a room full of darkness.

In the face of these frightening statements, Karara showed another aspect of his character and ignited the atmosphere in the ring when he began to dance with a high knowledge of stern with a stick and confirmed when he ended up kissing Saido and waiting for the opportunity to work in the Saidi series , where he has never been before.

In another context, Amir Karara is set to record his new "Casablanca" film, featuring Ghada Adel, Amr Abdel Galil and Dalal Abdel Aziz, composed by Hesham Helal and directed by Peter Mimi and producer Walid Mansour and Youssef Eltaher.


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