After seven years, Qusay Khadr has quit his long hair .. You will not believe what he did after his cut .. Photos


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Saudi artist Qusay Khadr drew attention to the shooting scenes of the first episode of the famous talented Arabs Got Talent program sponsored by Ria Abi Rashed.

Qusay came out of the new block, where he first gave his long hair, which he knew in previous seasons, and revealed why he paid for it while roaming on the "Transfer" program on the MBC.

The Saudi artist said: "Every beginning of the end," which emphasizes that his slaves are part of his life, he turns to his home and does not want to donate, from the age of those seven years, and believes that this is part of his life.

On the other hand, Qusay emphasized that his activity will not be limited to just submission and singing, which means that he also prepares for experience of acting.

The release of the Talent Talent Talent Talent Talent Talent Season 6, "Got Got Talent," has begun in preparation for its upcoming television show MBC.

A group of scenes from the scenes revealed during the season by members of the jury, including Ahmed Hilmi, Najwa Karam and Ali Jabir, were also presented. Saudi artist Nasser Al Qasabi did not attend this season.

Ria Abi Rashed and Souza artist Qusay Khader continue to present this season.

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