3 incidents in Bekai and Sidon. No injuries


The correspondent of "Lebanon 24" in Bekai, that unknown persons traveled in two cars, the black "Grand Cherokee" and the other colors of the Grand Cherokee Navy, intercepted a car of a security element on the Iyat road, where they were shot without harm, Escape. A member of the security forces claimed he was not known at Deir al-Ahmar station

Even the stranger who drove a white car Picanto, directed the gun against the caller from the gun. On Sunday, Sunday, in the commercial market Baalbek, which led to the car damage "Mercedes" blue. The reason for shooting is a dispute over preferences. The shooter escaped to an unknown destination and the damage was limited to material.

On the other hand, he reported to the "National Information Agency" that "unknown people in a black car of the Hyundai type shot at a person on the Dalai Street in Sidon without hitting him, and immediately began to visit the security forces and started a fire.


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