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Both finalists met for the first time this week on Wednesday when they are Novak Djokovic Round 2 in the Tournament Group won 6: 4, 6: 1. In the match, the first break Alexander Zverev, with nine broken balls in the ninth run. Djokovic first played with a good first hand, while Zverev's second half missed the ball by throwing the ball with the opponent. Saša boarded Djoković, but the ball hit the door. The break was not possible, Zverev was defeated, he served 4: 5. The German tennis player finished the set with a double mistake and broke, giving only one gay in the next set.

Even in today's game, the first move was in the ninth happiness when Djokovic was 4: 4. The beast now has only one piston, but it was enough. Defeated Jokovic's first leg, Novak aggressively attacked with a diagonal "forhend" and hit the net. The Serbian tennis player on the right handed over in the previous game when he shot at 30:30 a ball across the final line. In this loop, Zverev got all four points with the highest errors (two strokes and two hits on the net).

Djokovic was the first time in five games in this tournament. He won in all 40 competitions with his face with only two fractures. Both of them were in the first run with Zver's. In today's game, Djokovic lost three more times in his giomos.

With a lead of 5: 4 he won the set and 10. in his ass he stretched out with three turns in a row! Djokovic finally managed to get off to fourth place and won the game, which ended with the Sasha network. Djokovic had the chance to play with the second set, but he struck too much with "forkend", while Zverjev won in the set.

In the fight against Zverev on Wednesday, Djokovic only competed in 13 unfulfilled errors. Now there was another one in the first set of the 2nd set. After defects in the "boxing" Djokovic had to overcome two bombs. First, it was eliminated with strong first edges, while the other was not played. Zverev plays safely and looks forward to the possibility of an attack, strikingly striking the "forhand" on the left.

Zver did not manage to reach 2: 0 immediately after losing the gap he just got. So far he has played disciplined tennis and is mostly outside the defense, Zverev made three mistakes in the game and once missed them, so he defeated Djokovic.

At the time Zverev managed to break the battle, Zenkov was not far from the required tennis. Nole immediately played another gay pride, in which he had four inaccurate attacks, including a "fallen" network. In the fourth attack, which guarded in the middle of the distance from 15.30, Zverev slammed this time and led Seta and 3: 1.

The beast in the sixth run after a double error and a backhand bet from 0:30 won four consecutive games that avoided groundbreaking bouts and reached the lead of 4: 2. Djokovic had a good chance at 15:30 when he played in the spirit a little over the end. Zverev then came out with a hat and at 40:30 he met his opponent's boxing on the net.

Djokovic could not push Zver to win the tournament when he lost 3: 5 to his advantage. Djokovic 15:40 deficita, which meant two ammunition. He was only playing first, hitting a strong first round. The second shot of Jokovic was attacked with a "forhand" shot on the line, the answer to Zverev replied with a "backhand" shot on the line. Djokovic had a chance to hit, but missed the ball when he landed on the pitch.


Category Zverev Djokovic
Go 10 1
Double error 3 1
1. Serves precision 72% 60%
1. Serves points 26/33 25/34
2. Serves points 7/13 8/23
Totally defeated mockups 20 7
Invalid Errors 18 23
Игра на нету 9/12 7/12
Breaking Bombs 4/6 1/1
All points gained 57 46

Zverev won today's match against Djokovic (2: 2). Saša won the match with a score of 6: 4, 6: 3. The same result was also recorded in the first two matches played in May 2017 in the Masters 1000 final. Djokovic won 6: 2, 6: 1 in the Shanghai Masters 1000 semifinals in October this year, and four days ago with the tournament of the 6: 4, 6: 1 ATP Finals.

Zvěrev's victory at the Rennes race gives him the first (1-2) success against the ATP leaders. Once he lost in Djokovic (this week in London) and Rafael Nadalam, who took Davis Cup on a clay pad in April from 1: 6, 4: 6, 4: 6.

Zverev won the fourth season in London, won the 250-point tournament in Munich, the 500-point tournament in Washington and the Masters 1000 in the Madrid tournament this year. Zverev account now has 10 titles of ATP singles. Winners of the ATP finals give him the most valuable title. He is the newest ATP Finals since 2008, when Ðoković succeeded in Shanghai in 21 years.

Zverev took first place in the team (58), won four wins Dominic Thym and five successes ahead of Djokovic. Meanwhile, Zverev is fourth in the fourth place for the big trio Djokovic, Nadal and Roger Federer, because Sasha played modestly at the Grand Slam tournaments where he was only once before the 3rd round (Open Open Quarterfinals).

Zver's defeat kept Federer in the records of the richest player and the oldest champion in the ATP finals. Federer has six titles, he earns in 2011 for the past 30 years. Five times in the final, Djokovic (31) managed to catch Federer and become the oldest champion.

ATP Finals 2018 on the hardcore O2 Arena in London


Game The result
(3) Alexander Zverev – (1) Novak Djokovich 6: 4 6: 3


Game The result
(1) Novak Djokovic – (4) Kevin Anderson 6: 2 6: 2
(3) Alexander Zverev – (2) Roger Federer 7: 5 7: 6 (5)

Gug Cureden Group

Game The result
(3) Alexander Zverev – (5) Marin Chilich 7: 6 (5) 7: 6 (1)
(1) Novak Djokovic – (8) John Isners 6: 4 6: 3
(1) Novak Djokovic – (3) Alexander Zverev 6: 4 6: 1
(5) Marin Chilic – (8) John Isners 6: 7 (2) 6: 3 6: 4
(3) Alexander Zverev – (8) John Asners 7: 6 (5) 6-3
(1) Novak Djokovic – (5) Marin Cilic 7: 6 (7) 6: 2

Tournament table

V Tennis player U-Z Sets I will
1 Novak Djokovic 3-0 6-0 37:20
2 Alexander Zverev 2-1 4-2 32:33
3 Marin Chilic 1-2 2-5 38:41
4 John Isners 0-3 1-6 30:43

Leiton Hjuita Group

Game The result
(4) Kevin Anderson – (6) Dominic Tym 6: 3 7: 6 (10)
(7) Kei Nishikori – (2) Roger Federer 7: 6 (4) 6-3
(4) Kevin Anderson – (7) Kei Nishikori 6: 0 6: 1
(2) Roger Federer – (6) Dominic Thym 6: 2 6: 3
(6) Dominic Thym – (7) Kei Nishikori 6: 1 6: 4
(2) Roger Federer – (4) Kevin Anderson 6: 4 6: 3

Tournament table

V Tennis player U-Z Sets I will
1 Roger Federer 2-1 4-2 33:25
2 Kevin Anderson 2-1 4-2 32:22
3 Dominic Thym 1-2 2-4 26:30
4 Kei Nishikori 1-2 2-4 19:33

The last 10 years of the final

Year City Finale The result
2009 London Nikolay Davidenko – Juan Martins Del Potro 6: 3 6: 4
2010 London Roger Federer – Rafael Nadal 6: 3 3: 6 6: 1
2011 London Roger Federer – Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 6: 3 6: 7 (6) 6: 3
2012 London Novak Djokovic – Roger Federer 7: 6 (6) 7: 5
2013 London Novak Djokovic – Rafael Nadal 6: 3 6: 4
2014 London Novak Djokovic – Roger Federer Victory without a fight
2015 London Novak Djokovic – Roger Federer 6: 3 6: 4
2016 London Andy Murray – Novak Djokovic 6: 3 6: 4
2017 London Grigor Dimitrov – David Gofan 7: 5 4: 6 6: 3
2018 London Alexander Zverev – Novak Djokovic 6: 4 6: 3

Most of the titles "ATP Finals"

V Tennis player Country Look
1 Roger Federer Switzerland 6
2 Novak Djokovic Serbia 5
Ivan Lendl Czech Republic 5
Pete Sampras USA 5
5 Ilija Nastase Romania 4
6 John McInroy USA 3
Boris Becker Germany 3

Mike Brian and Soks win at the doubles tournament

This year's Wimbledon and US Open winners Mike Brian and Jack Sox added in the title match 5: 7, 6: 3, 13: 11 to the French pair Pierre Igs Aberdeen / Nicholas Mao in the season trophy luggage in the season trophy baggage. Both teams they met for the second time in three days. At the end of the tournament, the European duo won the Americans at 6: 2, 6: 2. Both teams have already entered the semifinals, and the division has split into groups. Bryan and Sox finished five of the top points in the finals in the final, and later with a score of 10: 11, they scored one game. The title will soon be secured with a sixth fight.

Mike Breean won the fifth in the final. With all four previous victories, he won with a double Bob, who in May damaged the gut in Madrid. Since then, Mike has been playing with other classmates, which best starts with Soku. Mike is the sixth player to win the ATP finals with more than one partner. Soks began Singles in London a year ago, where he came to the semifinals, but this year he won only nine wins and did not qualify, dropping from the top 100 in a single ranking.


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