Winds on several winds and winds several times on Sunday / article / LSM.LV


Weather conditions on Sunday will not be disturbed by the centennial celebrations foreseen by the synoptic.

The sky will be mostly cloudy, and light rain is expected in many places – mostly short-term rain water.

Northwestern winds will replace north and northeast winds, in the floors it will increase to 8-13 meters per second and coastal areas to 16 meters per second.

The temperature of the air at night and day will be +2 .. + 7 degrees. A good visibility is expected during the festive fireworks.

On the 18th of November, there is a slight short-term rainfall in Riga, and one of the clouds will be one of the clouds. Winters will rise to 12 meters per second in groundwater, up to 15 meters per second in the north and Jurmala. The air temperature will be +5 … + 7 degrees, in the evening the air will cool to +4 degrees.


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