This is a cool time for the last day of this week; ears and snows – Weather


On the day of the 100th birthday of Latvia, a cool time is expected.

Synthesis of the Latvian Center for Environment, Geology and Meteorology reports that on Sunday, November 18th, in some parts of the country, rain is expected, as well as wet snow. The Z / N fan will go to groundwater at a speed of 15-17 m / s. During the day the air will rise from +3 to +8 degrees.

Meteorologists predict that in the capital on a day a little lice. The air will change from +6 to +7 degrees.

It's already announced this next week the effect of the anti-cyclone will again intensify. However, a moderate amount of clouds is expected without significant precipitation. It will remain slow to moderate north wind, while in Latvia cooler air mass will cool down, which in winter will bring winter temperatures typical for the next week. The air is cooled at night to 0, -5 degrees, but the day will not be melted from -2, +1 degrees. Higher temperatures can be expected only on the coast, where the thermometer will hold above 0 degrees.


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