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Roberto Zuko's director Roberto Zucco, directed by Laura Groza-èiberė, will be premiered on Saturday at Liepaja Theater. If Coltess took the life story of a true Italian serial killer as the basis for his work, then in addition to personal explanation, there is also a version of Liepaja theater, a presentation team and a director who has won the genre – various experiences.

Various experiences on the stage are also experienced by the new student of the Liepaja player Kintija Stūre, who debuted on the great stage and experienced player Egons Dombrovskis.

The image of Robert Zuk, in which the actor Egons Dombrovskis looks, will be revealed through visual signs. Director Laura Gros-ereibere chose a play that tells the story. The use of the performance makes this performance a new experience for actor Egon Dombrovskis.

New production at Liepaja theater – "Roberto Zuko"Inga Ozola

"The first meeting with the show. I do not know when I did it the last time. The success is completely different. We have a video artist who has his own performances and has introduced me to this artistic industry, which I found very interesting. There are double emotions. Very interesting and frightening at the same time, because you do not know who leads, "says Dombrovskis.

A seemingly ascetic arrangement reflects an additional effect on the performance, where small details, using cinematographic fragments, create an additional aircraft for the senses offered by the theater. Black and white video fragments are shown on the stage, as well as the performance in the show, the killer sucks the physical mother and the players sitting in the foreground, plowing, thereby reducing the presence of real horror.

What is Roberto Zuko? Prisoner or secret agent? A kid or a rape? Regardless of whether the story of a serial killer or anything else, his version was expressed by actor Egons Dombrovskis, who emphasized the contribution of all creative groups to the presentation.

"A visually very beautiful performance, Martins Vilkskis and the whole creative group were thinking of a different" packaging "of the performance. The author, I do not know how he wrote it, extremely complicated and poetic, but we have more concepts than the biographical story of the killer. Instead of

The story is adapted to show the creative work of a creative person as if it were, how far you can go to the stage that can happen when you burn when you break the border.

Torture itself is a big mark, so it's good to watch it with the show, "says Dombrovskis.

This is the first appearance on the big stage for the new actress Kintie Sturre, and currently studying at the Liepaja Theater Act.

"The director told me in one of the trials if I continue to think that I will not get it, then I will not. According to these words, I began to think differently, not that I am not, but what I do. It's fantastic to work with Egon because it's very useful, a partner who does not think only about himself, but also about me, "reveals a new actress.

Egons Dombrovskis points out that the arrival of new players in the theater creates a sense of unpredictability because you do not know what your partner is expecting. At the same time, the new actress interferes in the great theater world and the story of her hero, the desperate desire for freedom.

"I live in a situation that protects me from all sides, I take care of myself, I take too much care. Do not leave the house. It turns out I'm getting out of the cage. See the big world and meet Robert Zuk. This is a great event, another world, an adventure, a love at first glance. This is something wonderful. They probably have a door to the outside world, a freedom that is so hungry, "describes the actress as her role.

The performance was performed by Roberto Zuko, costume from Lithuania Jolanta Rimkute and light artist Jānis Sniķers. The performance was translated from French by Irena Auzina. The performance has an age limit.


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