Photo: Latvian dance story – insight into the multimedia performance "Both Pages"


On November 17th, 18th and 19th, in the "Arena Riga" you will be able to see the dance ballet "Obeh Stranice", which is one of the pinnacles of the 100th anniversary of the Latvian celebration. Here is an overview of the demo performance for evaluating impressive scenography and choreography.

The event will feature about 450 artists representing a wide variety of dance genres: professional ballet, professional contemporary dance, folk dance and contemporary dance – from hip hop to dance.

"Both sides" is a performance with music, dance and modern technology. And together, she told us the story of Latvia, our all. Every visual element of the multimedia dance performance – choreography, stage design, lighting mode, work on television cameras and video projections – is created as a whole.

The spectator will enjoy a spatial illusion that will help to create a specially designed art scene of 2000 square meters – a special 360-degree exhibition space that was created for this show.

In Riga Arena, more than 21,000 spectators will be able to attend all concerts, and the record will also be live on Latvian television on November 24th.

The performances include director, art director Juris Jonelis, director, projection, visual video director Roberts Rubins, assistant director and art director Kristina Freiberga. The scriptwriter Didzis Jaunzems, the author of the lyricist Rasa Bugaviciute-Pēce, is also involved in the theatrical performance, Arnis Vatas, responsible for designing and performing scenography.

Choreography consists of Dace Adviljone (folk dance), Liene Grava (contemporary dance), Raimonds Martinovs (ballet, modern, sports dance). Assistant choreographers – Gints Baumanis (folk dance), Reinis Rešetins (contemporary dance), Andris Pudāns (ballet, contemporary, sports dance).

Creative crew also includes multimedia artist Maris Kalves, costume designer Jolanta Rimkute, assistant costume designer Ilze Kash, animator, cartographer Vilis Bērziņš and literary, musical advisers – Raimonds Briedis, Orests Silabriedis.


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