New Mazda3 reaches Latvia (+ PHOTO)


The true Spring Messenger: Mazda3 already in Latvia, one of the most beautiful compact cars in Riga

Mazda once again proves that a talented, classic Japanese canon can create a car that looks more modern than many competitors. In November last year, the compact fourth-generation Mazda3 and the Mazda3 sedan, first introduced in Los Angeles, seem to have just left the designer's workshop, although Mazda is fully equipped with elegant clothes. but also the latest technology created by the Group.

The Mazda3 looks no different than the conceptual Mazda Kai, presented at the 2017 Car of the New York Motor Show, which was unanimously recognized as one of the finest cars in the show.

This is the first model of the group that embodies the development of the future language of Kodo design, so it is worth explaining some nuances. The development of the "Code" is based on three principles that have been admired in Japanese art for centuries – "yohaku" or empty space, "sori" or "utsuroi" or the principle of the lunar game. Thus, in the final artwork empty empty spaces are as important as marked and painted.

It's enough to see Mazda3 on the side and it has become clear that the principles of yokahu, sari and utsuroi are embodied in this car. Mazda3 is the leader of the new code section of the "Single Motion" section – "Mazda" rejects strict lines and sharp corners, prefers airplanes and lights the game.

"It seems that most manufacturers today fear only flat planes and smooth lines. The involvement of Mazda's creators in the bodywork of the car consciously creates a quiet surface of the lake, which allows the Mazdi3 to illuminate and change according to the illumination and the visible angle. The salon is dominated by a clean, elegant environment that uses materials and technologies specific to the premium segment. If you want to see the appearance of the Mazda3 with a slight withdrawal, as in the museum, after you enter the interior, it looks like you are in a specially created environment, but the car is like a garment that is easy to wear, "says Mazda in the Baltic Sea. national marketing manager Juste Sataite.

Interestingly, the hatchback and limo supercharges with small moves have managed to create very different moods, so it seems to be different models. It is true that the Salon Mazda does not have a salon yet – it will come to Latvia in June.

Mazda3 is designed with the SKYACTIV-Vehicle Architecture platform, which takes into account the main principle of the SKYACTIV philosophy – the car must be comfortable as if the driver's body were to continue. Mazdin engineers acknowledge that when designing the chassis and driver's work, special attention was paid to studying the human spine and pelvis – in order to achieve an ideal balance of body conditions while driving in different conditions.

The balance is also supported by the unique Mazdin distribution towing system, G-Vectoring, which simulates the braking and weight adjustment on the drive wheels before turning. The Mazda3 will also be available with the i-Active AWD All Wheel Drive system.

The compact body will be equipped with all three engines of the SKYACTIV family – 1.5-liter and 2-liter gasoline engines with index G and 1.8-liter diesel engine D. Plus, the already mentioned SKYACTIV X, which combines the best diesel and petrol in its functioning. engine characteristics. It is the only engine in the world with a 15: 1 pressure ratio. This ensures that the combustion chamber burns in the combustion chamber and thus helps with spark plugs, as well as at pressure only as diesel engines. Engineers say that this mode allows for a significant increase in engine performance.

In addition, the Mazda3 will also be equipped with a mild hybrid hybrid M Hybrid powered by a small electric motor that saves power and additional functions.

As the creators say, Mazda3 will be different in terms of quality, balance, safety and a sense of straightforwardness. Many foreign journalists, who had the opportunity to test Mazda3 and who were impressed by the quality of the Mazda3 and the ability to respond to driver actions, are also emphasized by the nature of steering.

In addition to the sense of comfort, well-thought-out insulation of the body – dense glass and special power supplies – are absorbed by vibrations in the interior panels, which provide excellent external sound insulation. In silence with a clear note, music lovers praise Bose's highest quality audio system.

Since 2003, Mazda has issued three generations of Mazda3 in the world, and the total number of cars sold in this model is 6 million units. This is one of the main models of the Group, so it's not surprising that the new generation of Mazda3 has received so much innovation.

"The new Mazda3 is the beginning of a new era. A new generation of Mazda cars will further increase the joy of buying this car. This increases the trust between brands and users and raises the value of Mazda, "said Mazda President Akira Marumoto.

In Latvia, the new Mazda3 will cost 21,590 EUR.

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