Saturday , March 6 2021

Multimedia dance show Abas Malas / day

Multimedia dance performance Both men is a performance with music, dancing and modern technology, and tells us the story of Latvia, our own. Every visual element of the multimedia dance performance – choreography, stage design, lighting mode, work on television cameras and video projections – is created as a whole. "There is no history, but a personal experience and an opportunity to become an important part of the play Both men, "this project is characterized by a creative team of the project.

The spectator can enjoy a spatial illusion to contribute to a specially designed scene of an artistic projection of 2000 square meters.

In total, the show hosted a number of professional dancers on stage in Latvia – more than 500 artists representing various dance genres: professional ballet, professional contemporary dance, folk dance and contemporary dance – from hip-hop to sports dances.

"By comparing the amount of computer computing, then we have a modest amount of computer games in the account of about 1500 euros, we should take about 10 years of uninterrupted computing to do what we are doing." Both men project, "explains the video projection artist Maris Kalve.

"Creating high dance performances on November 18th Both men set design, we wanted the viewers to feel that they were part of the exhibition. To see not only the end Arenas Riga in the central market, but the feeling is that it will continue beyond its borders, "says multimedia dance performances Both men scenographer Didzis Jaunzems.

Multimedia performance Both men music is as important as the performance of dancers and ambitious video projections, we emphasize the creative team.

The mood of the game is also musically solemn, exciting and exciting – just like on a birthday. Considering that one of the main thematic strands through the performances is the history of Latvia itself – that is, the history of dance, the history of art and, therefore, the history of music – the fragments of famous compositions by Latvian composers are also well-known in the sound recordings of the singer. episodes or offers.

"It will not be fake to say that dance as a dance collective action sometimes plays a secondary role … There is a transition and families are formed, then children are born and then everything continues in dancing children and grandchildren …" he asked about the folk Dance Today is the central cultural event of dance performances on November 18th Both men choreographer Dace Advillone.

Director of Production, Artistic Director – Juris Jonelis; director, projection; Director of visual video – Robert Rubin; director, assistant artistic director – Kristīne Freiberga; scenography – Didzis Jaunzems, scenography, performance – Arnis Vatašs, author of freedom – Rasa Bugaviciute-Pēce, composers, music – Andris Siedzans, Reinis Sējans, Liepaja Symphony Orchestra, choreography – Dace Adviljone, Liene Grava (contemporary dance) Raimonds Martinovs (ballet, modern dance, contemporary dance, sports dance), assistants choreographers – Gints Baumanis (folk dance), Reinis Rešetins (contemporary dance), Andris Pudāns (ballet, contemporary, sports dances), multimedia artist – Maris Kalve, costume designer – Jolanta Rimkute, costume designer assistant – Ilze Kasha, animator, cartography institute – Vilis Bērziņš, literary, musical advisers – Raimonds Briedis, Orests Silabriedis, producer – Daiga Livčāne, producer – Monta Brūvere, creative marketing communications – Kaspars Eglītis, public relations – Gunta Courses, Marketing, Relations with publications – Lelde Kristiana Voz niesenka, operator – Rinalds Zelts, sound recording – Karlis Drukteins.

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