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Latvian U-20 basketball team EČ wins with Spanish peer – basketball – – Sports


The Latvian team led by Christophe Zeids will lead the first match in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv with the German national team. The game starts at 18:15 and will be broadcast live on the official Youtube account of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

LETA has already reported that the Latvian team's first game in subgroup C with 66:92 was recognized by the German favorite.

The Spanish national team's 85:73 victory surpassed last year's silver medal in Croatia.

Today's opponents of the Spaniard have won the last medal at the European championship up to 20 years in Helsinki in 2016, and since 2010, the Spanish team won one gold, two silver and three bronze medals.

Last year, the Latvian national team participated in Division B, as no championship was awarded in 2016 in the championship, which gave the last 16th place and thus lost the place in the highest rankings. There, the Latvians did not stay there for a long time, having won the third place, which ensured the return to the highest rank. In the meantime, it was the most successful championship in Latvia in 2013, when they won Silver Prizes in Tallinn.

At the European Championships Latvia, subgroup C will be able to compete with Spanish, Croatian and German favorites to reach the eighth finals. Group C will be able to play teams from Lithuania, Greece, Slovenia and Poland from subgroup D.

During the first phase of the race, teams will play three matches in a joint tournament in order to determine the team's rating. After that, the finals will start – the 8th finals, the quarter finals for 1-8 and 9-16, the semi-finals and the final matches. The last three winners will lose their seats in the highest rankings.

Before the upcoming championship, the Latvian team carried out six test games, including against Poland and Lithuania from the sub-groups D opponents. Two games were played with both teams, but all four suffered losses. In the first two games at the beginning of June, 47:87 and 54: 116 were recognized as the dominance of Lithuania, and in the last two days of the same month, 74:97 and 64:92 suffered losses for their Polish counterparts.

In the remaining two test matches, one success was achieved and the Estonian team was lost – 64:83 and 73:58.

It should be noted that three players, Rodrigo Boommeister, Oskars Hlebovickis and Armands Berķis, an attacker, joined the U-20 after the U-19 men's World Cup. Pauls Miglinieks, Rolands Opaļevs and Matīs Surkulis will remain at home in the U-20 sampling process.

Most of the new Latvian basketball players have improved their skills in Latvian basketball leagues of the previous season. However, only four team members had experience in the matches of the Latvian-Estonian League.

The first U-20 championship this year was nine debutants, and four of them will be the first European Championship in the T-shirt. Berkeley will be the sixth international tournament in the national team, David Atelbauers for the fifth time. Hlebovick and Ralf Lac will be the fourth tournament.

The European Championship in Israel will take place from 13 to 21 July.

Latvian U-20 European Championship:

David Atelbauer (University of North Dakota, NCAA), Gints Zommerfeld, Rainer Hermann, Rodrigo Beameister (all – ("Jekabpils" / ""), Elvis Brokan ("Valmiera Glass"), Gustav Campus (LU / BS) , Robert "Cvetaca" (Rydzene), Ralfs ķrkšķis, Ralfs Bear (both Ventspils University College), Francis Gustavs Bear (Orela Roberts NCAA), Oskars Hlebovickis ("Jurmala" / "Betsafe"), Armands Ber Bis (Andor Morabanc, Spain).

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