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KHL match: Dinamo Riga – Minsk Dinamo. Live text

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KHL match: Dinamo Riga – Minsk Dinamo

Game statistics:

Riga “Dynamo” – Minsk “Dynamo” 1: 0. Period 2 is over.

At the end of the period of Riga’s “Dinamo”, good opportunities to score were created on the opponent’s goal, but the sale of throws was a disappointment.

After a successful enrollment, Parshins passed to Indrashim, who was a little short of scoring.

Dzierkals intercepted the puck, passed to Dārziņš, who threatened the opponents’ goal.

Most of Riga’s “Dinamo” was very insignificant this time. He also failed to create a moment to score. Minsk, however, led a counterattack in which Klinghamers could not defeat Vori in the march.

Rejection as a member of Minsk “Dinamo”. Solovyov was fired for delaying the game by throwing a tile from the pitch.

Minsk hockey player “Dinamo” Falkovskis scored a goal in the next attack after an unrealized majority.

Rigans played very successfully in defense at the end of the minority. Ziel had great performances in several episodes.

At the beginning of the second half, the Minsk players were already more dangerous in attack. Several passes were made at the gate, but after one of the throws the ball hit Vorim on the helmet.

Most of the Minsk “Dinamo” spent the first two minutes very unsuccessfully, there were even problems entering the attack area.

26:19 min. Rejection as a member of Riga’s “Dinamo”. Minsk were able to mount several counterattacks, such as the impressive one after 36 minutes, but Vorim lofted a free kick over the crossbar. A moment later, Roberts Bukarts hit Kogalev in the face with a stick, which was penalized with a 2 + 2 minute rejection.

25:28 min. Riga “Dinamo” – Minsk “Dinamo” 1: 0 Gunārs Skvorcovs passed to the goal in front of Miks Indrašis, who immediately passed it to Denis Paršins, who controlled it and with it basically slipped into the goal. Wonderful!

Riga “Dinamo” did not realize the remaining majority of seconds, and then the match continued to run quite similarly to the first period.

Period 2 has begun.

Riga “Dynamo” – Minsk “Dynamo” 0: 0. Period 1 is over.

Rigans managed an excellent game in which Paršin made a throw after the pass, and Kolosov took a nice puck in the glove.

18:25 min. Rejection as a member of Minsk “Dinamo”. Kozun was rejected for holding his opponent with a stick.

Indrašis did not make a “clean” walk against the goalkeeper of Minsk “Dinamo”. Indrashis tried to play but the plate did not move over the foot protector.

Sunds started the attack of Riga’s “Dinamo” and passed to Parshin, who had almost a walk towards the goalkeeper. However, Gorbunov managed to block the tile with his stick.

The goalkeeper of Minsk “Dinamo” Kolosov caught the tile after a long shot, although Dzierkals was active in front of the goal.

“Dinamo” lost the plate in the neutral zone, but the guard was stopped by Voris two to one.

Minsk created chaos at the gates of Riga. As Voris was already lying on the ice, Scarlett blocked the puck that was flying on the free side of the door.

Jerin’s string created a very dangerous moment at the door of “Dinamo” in Minsk. Roberts Bukarts passed to Stolar, who threw a throw, but Džeriņš fought in front of the goal.

Falkovskis got into a great throwing position, but Voris slipped in front of him and grabbed the puck.

The players of the mine club also started to play dangerous moments, in one of them the puck changed the direction of the flight, but Voris blocked the ball from the front of the goal.

After a fight on the edge, Skvortsov made a powerful and distant shot by the goalkeeper of the mine club Kolosov.

In the first two minutes of the match, both teams on the field fought for the initiative, so it was not a very good goal.

The game has begun!

Riga “Dinamo” team for the game:

Riga hockey players of “Dinamo” are already seeing the end of this unsuccessful season. There are only two games left until the end of the season. Tonight’s sixth meeting with the “Dinamo” mine. Only in the first of them throws after the match, which celebrated the hockey players of Riga with a 4: 3 victory. In three matches at home, the Minsk team was superior with 4: 3 in throws after the match, with extra time 3: 0 and 3: 2. In the last match on January 7, Rigans lost 2: 6 https in their field: // – tiesraide.d? id = 52972099

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