Girgenson wins the first goal of the season in the "Saber" / Article / LSM.LV victory


Latvian ice hockey player Zemg Girgenson won Saturday's first goal of the season in the National Hockey League (NHL) season, while the Buffalo "Saber" spokesman, 9-0, "Senator" Ottawanak, broke out according to the organizers.

Girgenson won the team's fifth title, 5-0. He also helped the team with the seventh goal.

"Saber" dominated the game, the home team scored 41 goals in the opponent's door, while the "senator" only answered 27.

Earlier, the Latvian striker had not scored 13 games and provided three full aids.

Two days ago, both teams met in Ottawa, and the home team was 4: 2.

After the win, "Saber" was fifth in the NHL Eastern Conference. In 14 games, the Buffalo team scored 16 points.


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