Freiman's season record in the first league of Greece, Leiman's double double in the second league


Rolands Freimanis,
Roland Freimanis
Photo: Ifaistos Limnou B.C.

The second big game between Greece and Lithuania in the second league was followed by the leader of the Latvian match tonight Tom Leaman, but ASA Koroivos, who represented him, took Harilaos Trikoupis at 81:60.

The 24-year-old Latvian, who was ahead of the most successful ASA Koroivos before the match with an average point of 19.6 points, won 17 points this evening and added 12 assists and two intercepted colors. Leiman also rivaled up to eight violations of the rules and counted 27 points of efficiency.

ASA Koroivos, with four wins in six games in the second leg of Greece, the third in a competition of 16 teams.

The experience of the Greek top basketball league happened tonight Roland Freimanis, which won 15 points with Lemnos' Ifaistos third victory this season.

The club, represented by a Latvian striker with a score of 80:79 (15:14, 15:24, 23:16, 27:25), won his last season's bronze medal Thessaloniki PAOK.

Freeman won the fifth place in Ifaistos in the afternoon when he played 33:34 minutes, the biggest Roland's match this season, and the biggest among all the players in the afternoon team. The 30-year-old striker came out with 15 points (1p 2/2, 2p 5/8, 3p 1/3), seven jumps, three successful podiums, four provocative rule violations and 17 points of success, and +/- – factor +6 .

There are three errors and four notes in the Latvian account.

Freiman in this season scored an average of 8.5 points and 4.5 balls under bases in each match in the Greek Championship at 22:07 minutes.

"Ifaistos" with three successes in six matches in the overall ranking of the tournament is in the fifth position in the 14-team competition, while the leaders with five wins in the same fights in Athens "Panathinaikos", "Peristeri" and "Olympiacos", represented by Janis Timmas and Janis Strēlnieks.


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