Covid-19 will require 27 students from Sigulda High School to take an English exam


27 students of the 12th grade of Sigulda City High School have been identified as contacts with an infected person with Covid-19, so they will have to pass the English language exam in an additional period, school principal Nina Balode admitted for LETA.

Last Thursday, 12th grade students at Sigulda City High School attended a teacher consultation where they took a Covid-19 saliva test that day and received a positive test result on Friday, so all students who participated in the consultation were identified as contact person, the principal added, had previously received a second dose of Covid-19.

As the students were granted the status of contact persons, they were not allowed to take the English exam on May 11, but they will have to take it within the additional deadline, the principal explained.

The students took saliva tests last Friday and all were negative. The principal added that in the event of a negative test, which was passed on May 16, students will be able to take the exam in Latvian.

For students who became infected with Covid-19 during the additional period of the centralized exam or were granted contact person status, the National Center for Educational Content (VISC) will assess the possibility of allocating longer additional time to take the national test.

Students who will not be able to take the exams on the originally set dates will be able to take the centralized exams for an additional period from June 14th to July 4th.

For those students who will not be able to take the exams within the additional deadline, the VISC will assess which exams were missed and what additional time may be granted to take the state general education exams.

All the results of the centralized examinations will be collected before the VISC makes such a decision.

The VISC stated that an English language test was being conducted, but it was known that many students who did not attend or were identified as contact persons for the sick were unable to participate in the test. VISC knows of a case where a centralized examination could not be taken by the whole class.

As previously reported, students and teachers were tested for Covid-19 on May 7, May 8, and 9 before taking the centralized exams. The test results will be valid from 11 to 21 May. For optional exams, however, the test will have to be repeated in the third week of May. In June, students who successfully pass the exam or have not been able to take the previous exam dates will also have to take the test. The course of the exams in the additional term is scheduled from 14 June to 4 July.

During centralized exams, all students must consider a distance of two meters both indoors and outdoors. Thus, the tables in the examination rooms must also be placed at a distance of two meters.

The time of one centralized examination may not exceed three hours. Inspections should be organized in rooms that provide regular, adequate ventilation by opening windows or effective mechanical ventilation. However, if continuous ventilation of the premises cannot be ensured, the ventilation of the premises shall be carried out at intervals of, for example, every 45 minutes and the ventilation of the premises 15 minutes.

Hand sanitization must be available in all educational establishments, clear readable information with a hygiene reminder must be provided and it must be ensured that examiners and other examiners and staff use only personal aids or disposable stationery.

After a centralized exam, the room is cleaned and disinfected.

During the exams, all people in the room – examiners and employees of the educational institution, exam observers – must wear face masks. The face mask should completely cover the part of the face from the nose to the chin.


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