A coordinated statement after an accident will also be completed in the mobile application – in Latvia


The Latvian car insurance company (LTAB) developed and implemented the Mobile Settlement Communications function in the mobile application "LTAB OCTA", said Gints Lazdiņš, a public relations adviser for LTAB.

In the first nine months of this year, the number of road accidents recorded in agreed declarations was 63.9%. Although such shares have been stable for several years, a large number of drivers, even after minor road accidents, do not fulfill the agreed statement – most often because the agreed notification form does not come with them.

Only slightly more than 45% of drivers in the car always have a coordinated statement. In the meantime, many drivers, even after minor accidents, opt to call the traffic police, who often leave the venue to provide a harmonized notification form. Not only does it consume the traffic police, it hinders traffic and creates new traffic accidents.

In order to ease the daily life of drivers, LTAB has developed and implemented the mobile networking function in the LTAB OCTA mobile application. The new mobile application feature will enable victims of traffic accidents to quickly and easily capture the circumstances of the event, provide information on participating parties, validate data and send emails to insurers. Considering that the LTAB OCTA mobile application is connected to the OCTA managed database managed by LTAB, the data entry will take less time for victims, as they will automatically arrive at the agreed notification protocol. In addition, the agreed statement will be approved by both parties with an electronic signature and will be binding on all insurance companies.

Journalists are invited to attend a press conference to present a mobile conference on November 20 at LTAB Lomonosova's office on November 9. The press conference will be attended by the members of the LTAB Management Board Juris Stengrevics, the Director of the State Police for Traffic Safety Normunds Krapsis and the partner of the Bigbank Latvia campaign Ģirts Kurmis .

The campaign is financed by the prevention and prevention of road accidents, composed of contributions from insurers from OCTA policies.

LTAB updates the changes in the legislation on compulsory insurance of civil liability of motor vehicle owners in responsible institutions. At the same time, LTAB is the manager of the OCTA Guarantee Fund, which, in accordance with the law, decides and is responsible for the use of its assets. LTAB has merged all its insurance companies entitled to compulsory insurance of motor liability in Latvia.


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