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Ulsan City K3 league football team's first formation … Growing regional football talents


Ulsan k3 team
Ulsan k3 team

For the first time in Ulsan, an amateur football team, supported by local governments in the K3 League, will grow up.

Ulsan City announced on November 11 that it will set up a K3 football team in K3 league in December.

Domestic football is divided into two parts: professional, part three and adult amateur part four.

The teams participating in the fourth division are called K3 teams. There are currently 23 teams in Korea. Ulsan becomes the 24th group.

Ulsan City supports the creation of the K3 team with 300 million budgets this year.

The city chose K3's captain, including coaches and trainers, and hired some players. More than 20 people will take part.

In September I applied for the K3 League for the Korean Football League and I got my approval.

The name of the Ulsan K3 team has not yet been determined. I decided to confirm before the opening ceremony of the following month.

In 2016, when the football team of Mipo-Korea, the football team Ulsan moved to Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, the city was severely hit by the Korean football federation and regional medium-sized companies in order to set up the K3 team.

However, due to difficult games, there is no company that wants to start a football team.

The Ulsan municipal government first supported and founded a football team that plays in the K-League.

Ulsan City expected to be able to create local football talents and create jobs by selecting the K3 team from Ulsan.

After the transfer to the K3 team, the team will participate in national championships that could not be part of the team, as there is no adult football team since the next year.

It will also give citizens more interest in the sports sector and contribute to the revitalization of local football.

K3 is expected to play 30 games next year.

Ulsan k3 team
Ulsan k3 team

Ulsan City official said: "The K3 team will be participating in the K3 league next year as a representative football team for Ulsan." "Because of the lack of self-sufficiency due to difficult local conditions," The goal is to become a football team representing a region with self-help. "

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