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"The Life Financial Platform is installed … Cocoa Pei" Jump "- Herald Economy

Representative Ryu Young-joon [제공=카카오페이]

Professional financial services that go beyond simple payments … Monetization "boots"
Issued "global payment" without replacement in the first quarter of the following year
Funding for crowds, securities and funds
Capital investment with 10,000 wins without additional accommodation
Ryu Young-joon, CEO, "Spreading expertise … Techpin era leading"

Kakao Fay goes through simple payment services to specialized financial services.

Ryu Young Joon <Photo> Kakao Payi made his first official press conference at the Plaza Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul, 19. "If Kakao-Fei offers innovative convenience for daily financial life, users will be able to display the financial services that you can expect for the Money Plan. "" We will do it "without the effort of" funding, "Ryu said. "We will lead a new era in the" tech-pin "era where IT runs finance."

Cocoa Fay has announced plans to introduce "Global Payment Service" and "Kakao Pay Investment". First, we will work with the global payment platform Ali Fay to open the "Global Cross-Border Payment Service" in the first quarter of next year.

With this service, users of Kakao Paya can settle abroad without a difficult exchange program. Foreign visitors to Korea can also pay for Cacao Pay Offline Merchant. "We have planned a online payment service from the planning stage with regard to compatibility with Alifay," said Kakao Pay.

Global payment transactions will begin in Japan in the first quarter of next year. It will then expand to China and Southeast Asia. Cocoa Fay hopes that once the service starts, it will contribute not only to the user, but also to increase the sales of domestic traders and the recovery of the domestic economy.

On May 20, the "Kakao Pay Investment" service will also be launched. Users can invest directly in KakaoTalk without having to install a separate app (app). You can invest directly from your KakaoPay account without a separate deposit account and you can deposit up to 10,000 won. KakaoTalk more → Cocoa Pei → You can invest in various investment products in the expected income after tax and then invest in the desired amount.

Investment products are diverse, including audiences, securities and funds. As soon as the service is introduced, Kakao Pay will offer investment products with moderate to high profits in terms of profitability and user stability as a priority. KakaoFay Internal Inspection Experts participate in defining standards for financial investment products, from product design to in-depth review, and only provide products that meet stringent standards.

In October, Kakaofei, who entered the free market this year, exceeded the monthly transaction value of 2.3 trillion. There are currently 25 million subscribers and 13 million monthly users.

"Cocoa Pay Investment is the first step through which users gain the first profit through the Kakao Pay platform, and Kakao Pay is the first step to spreading their expertise as a financial platform." He added: "In the future, we will continue to challenge."

Jung Yun-hee reporter / [email protected]

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