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The Chung Se-jin messenger focuses on the 11-year-old man


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Chung Se-jin's message appears in "ANA NARA & # 39; and admits that the child raises questions and his husband attracts attention.

The announcer Chung Se-jin appeared on the 13th entertainment program KBS2 "There is a land for a child" with Choi Dong – seok Jung Dae Eun as a commentator. Three people talked about watching Kim Koo –

Jeong Se-jin asked his 11-year-old husband and said, "I think I'm the poorest person.

I had a baby and I felt like I was seeing everything. "

My husband is young. It's still in the mid-thirties, and now it plays its part. In the first year or two I do not know how to work.

Chung Se-jin said: "I had a child at the age of 43. "The doctor told me I should not worry I would not be 45 years old." "I will grow, but the doctor has not told me after that," he said.

From playback, the name Jeong Sejina announced its attention for real-time search on the portal.

The message of Chung Se-jin graduated from Yonsei University at the Department of English Language and Literature and in 1997 he joined the KBS bonds on the 24th anniversary.

He married a banker who was a 11-year university graduate at Yonsei University in June 2013 and collected topics. The marriage took place in January 2015, one year and seven months after the wedding. It is actively included in the "Journalist Talk J & # 39;


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