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Ten-color 10-color Derman Black "I'll be a multitener over singers and actors"

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"A player, a player, a singer is not a stereotype of a singer, but a new way." (Chung, Jin Hwan)

The group "Daemon Black", which released its first album "Different Colors" of the 15th century, identified them as several containers and said:

Darman Black is a group of ten gifted players. (24), Jeong Jin-hwan (25), Kang Tae-woo (19), Shin Jung-yoo (21), Chun Seung-ho (22), Choi Chan- 24).

Unlike the usual idol, the challenges that they operate on the basis of their activity produce an album that focuses on performance. At Byeong-joon, four years ago, the first Korea's first acting group, Surprise (Seo Gang-joon, Jongmyung, Unique, Kang Tae Oh and Lee Tae-Hwan), is also the first team to be shown at the newly established stadium Fantasy O.

I recently met Derman Blacko in Ssang-dong, Jongno-guu, Seoul and looked into the charm of decadence. I spent five months in the house all the time, so I coughed with frost and shone with my lighter eyes during coughing.

Half of the members are already veterans. Seon Sung-woong was president of the Marine Corps Corps, Choi Sung-yong served as a military officer at the Marine Corps headquarters, while Chung Jin-hwan was a military military soldier and an administrative officer of the 2nd Army Division in the Yanggu gun of Gangwon province. Hyung Seok Lee was the driver of the 51st Corps of the Hwasong City Army in the province of Gyeonggi. Yoon Joon Won is from KATUSA Soldier (USFK).

There are members who have spent a lifetime in the party. Choi Chan-i was selected for the Mnet Audit Program "Boys 24" and had a one-year permanent performance. Jeol Jin was active in the stage of university theater, and Yun Joon won in the popular online game "Love playlist". Seung Sung-woong, Choi Sung-yong and Lee Hyung-suk, who are close to 190 cm, were active as fashion models.

Head Jung-hwan Jung said: "The name of the first team is Darman Stripe, which means that when the city is gathered, there are various opinions, such as Darman Platinum, which means it is the most glittering gems." After the ten color colors are combined, "he said.

Lee Hyung-seok said: "If you go to meet overseas fans as a player somewhere, you should show your dance and singing.

The album contains five songs from the title song "Free Fall", "Swimming Pool", "Winter is coming", "Blue Eyes" and "Rainy Day". 15.neta is Mnet & # 39; M Countdown & # 39; he also started his first phase.

Choi, who has a career as a singer, said: "I did not think I would teach other members. At first I was worried and when I was preparing on the stage,

From the last month, Daum Black also appeared on Naver TV, the online drama "Gobensus", which plays as Daughter Black. I'm preparing an episode that happens when regular middle school students run an ESP application.

The audience was given the name "Daemann Black". The members looked forward to the future.

"I want to be so old, I want to build a lot of fans and concerts, and I want to visit the world." (Lee Hyung-suk)

"My first goal is to be a group that is similar to burns, and at the end of the year I would like to receive prizes and other members to celebrate."

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