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She won the women's queen with the title of Kim Rae-rim birdies 9. t


First wins in the first half of the season at the MY Munyoung Queens Park Championship

Female golf queen Kim Il-rim, birdies 9

Kim Rae Lim (24) leads the Korean Women's Professional Golf Tour (KLPGA) by winning the title.

Kim Rae Lim, who reached 300 yards with a heavy hit, ranks first in second place this year with an average of 10 meters ahead of Lee Seung-yeon (21).

Players who hit the game in the best possible way are not comparable to Kim Rae Lim.

In addition to the power over long distances, Kim strikes with luxurious iron, which rotates very fast and has a lot of revolutions.

But Kim did not make such a remarkable performance with these shots.

He first appeared at the Korean Women's Golf Golf Tournament (KLPGA) in 2016, later as his cousin Gojun Young (24), Kim Min-Sun (24) and Baek Gyu-jeong (24).

I ran for another three years on a second tour.

He won the first victory in three years after his first appearance.

The capacity for finishing and crisis management was not enough for power.

Kim had a 9-pair pair in the last round of KLPGA Tour MY Mun Young's Queens Park Championship at the 14th at the Yeo Solo Moro Country Club Maple Pine Course (par 72) in Gyeonggi Province. .

Kim Il-rim took 100% of his strength, which is his strength, and showed his ability to hold an ankle in a victorious way.

In the final round, Kim Il-Rome led through the third and fifth hole in a row when she managed to finish the lead with three consecutive leaders Zhang Hanna (27), Yang Min-min (25) and Dae-yeon (22).

In the 10th hole (par 5, 550 yards), Kim had a strong shot, followed by a green club with a hybrid club.

Although the battlefield is long, there is no other goal than Kim Il-rim in the 10th hole, where the big bunker is in front of the green.

The ball dropped into the bunker before the green, but Kima Lim, who put the ball in front of a 1m hole with an excellent firing bunker, took the bird slightly and became the head of the team.

Kim Rae-rim, who brought the opportunity through the crash in the 10th hole, showed the power that he drew his 11th hole into his 14th hole.

On the 14th hole (par 5, 515 yards), I put the ball to the green above the water hazard in the second shot.

On the 15th hole (par 4), Kim Il-rim stepped on the gas pedal to win a splendid break.

Tee shot pushed right from the waterway, but Kim got another shot with a low path.

Kwakbombo, 27, who followed two other cars, missed the chance to push Kim Il-lim after missing a 2-meter bird attack.

In the 16th hole (par 4, 385 yards) he made a 1.2 meter chance for a bird with a 3-shot shot, again grabbing a wedge in Kwakbomb's hunting and just before the green on the 17th hole (par 3). In fact, I defended the game.

Kevin Bombo, who managed to keep Kimyarim with seven birds up to the 16th hole, missed the green on the 17th hole (par 3) and missed 1m pair and lost the power to continue.

Kim Rae-rim, who managed to ease the 18th hole par-4 (par 4), was baptized late for the championship match.

This is the first win in the season and 2nd consecutive victory after winning the OK Savings Bank Pak Sei Invitational in September last year.
Kim Rae Lim, who received 120 million winning prizes, entered the first 10 city prizes.

Kwakbomi, who lived in a difficult tourist life when he went on a dream tour, did not reach an "unknown rebellion," but earned his best record in life.

Kwak Boom-mi, who killed a 5-pair couple 67 a day, won second place (13-pair-pair 203) three hits for Kim Rae-rim.

Kawabumi, who became an expert in 2010, spent most of his professional career on the tour of the second division and won only the top ten in 52 KLPGA tournaments.

The prize of 69 million won is close to doubling the 34 million winner's prize money in the seven awards this year.

Janghan, who finished the final round with a lead, finished third in the 12th pod 204 with a 3-sub-pair 69.

In the second round, Lee Dae-jin and Cho Jung-min, who won three consecutive victories in the lead of the group, were ranked seventh (9-under-pair 207) because they did not lose one day.

Choi Hye-jin (20), who took three birds in the first match, lost the lead in the second half of the match and finished in 11th place (8 under pair 209).

The 27-year-old Choi was fortunate enough to receive a Mercedes-Benz vehicle worth a total of 70 million won by Hall-in-One on the twelfth hole (par 3).

KLPGA tour begins in the second half of Jeju Samdasoo Masters on August 9th, which will go on a summer holiday for 3 weeks.

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