"Seoul Metropolitan Transportation Corporation syndicate, Park Won-soon, after talks in the market, full-time employee, promotion issues at once"


The Seoul Metropolitan Transport Union Trade Union met Mayor of Seoul Park Won-soon and argued that the 7th and 5th grade promotion issues were completed at the same time. The administration of the Seoul Metropolitan Transport Authority, which says it can not "listen" to this request, changed the attitude when they met on the market and representatives of the trade union and started writing a labor management agreement. Unlike regulations requiring reporting of important issues during the procedure, the transport company did not send information on the governing board on the negotiation process and the decision.

Yoon-bae Park, the outgoing director of the Seoul Transportation Corporation, met with a rapporteur at his Yeouidou office in Seoul on 16 October and the transport corporation said the post-war process of publishing a labor management agreement on 22 September. The next day he resigned when he insisted that the Seoul Transport Authority, at a meeting of the Management Board last month, "discovered the truth as a special inspection"

According to him, the trade union demanded that the 7-year class be converted to grade 7 immediately after transformation into full-time in March and to promote the 5th grade, which was 18 years of age or older. The management said: "I can not make a claim for personal rights (there is a possibility of violation)," said Bertizanjo, who shouted "the president's resignation" and walked for a few months with a tent in front of the town hall. Then Park Won – Soon he visited a tent on September 14, just before President Moon's visit to the United States and met with the union delegation. Park said: "The content of the important decision is the report of the board, and the president of the corporation, Kim Tae-ho, has repeatedly said that no one ever spoke about the negotiation process and the conclusion of the negotiations.

He also disclosed the details of the meeting at the March 24 Management Board meeting on the sum of the sequence of employment (arrangement of a relative). He said: "The transport problem is to a large extent involvement of relatives, hunting for work and respect for KCTU," he said. He said, "I did not accept it, but I did not accept it."

The committee said that it was unable to resolve employment-related issues. He said: "The board of directors was at 3:00 pm and Deputy Mayor Yoon Joon-yong was at the reception at 11:00 the same day. I read the door of the board and started the board, so I wonder how I could save it."

Seoul Transportation Corporation said: "After negotiations with the mayor, the president changed his position." This is the process of exchanging negotiations. This is a situation that meets the requirements of the union. "I suddenly did not change my position," he said.

Park Tae Hee and Lim Sunyoung reporter [email protected]


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