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Some Japanese right-handers were included in the Tweedies group Bulletproof Boys & # 39; (BTS).

Right-wing politician Hokkaido Senator Onoder Masaru wrote in his social media: "Twice Dae-hyun, wearing a" women's polo shirt "appears on" red and white Japan. "" "These shirts are used as support for women's pleasures that are unreasonable."

The T-shirt of the brand, named by Tweed Dae-hyun, to which Rep. Onodera is "Marimond". She is developing a project to help midwives who suffer from comfortable women in the Japanese army.

Recently, the Japanese right wing fell to the "Police Shirt for Liberation", worn by Yangmin, a member of the group that is impermeable to children, and the attack on the Korean stars is spreading.

However, he stressed that this was a Dae-hyun shirt, and criticized him that the Onodere statement was tight inside Japan.

Twice popularity in Japan is solid. The two prize winners receive the Best Picture Award at 60. I decided to appear as the first band K pop punk in the NHK "Red and White Japanese Exhibition" for the second consecutive year, which will be broadcasting a special special program at the end of the year in Japan on December 31 . This year, the only K pop singer was included in the lineup.

Initially, this program was reviewed by Bulletproof Boys, but it was reported that it was excluded from the list of contractors from Ji Min's exorcism.

"An unjust boycott does not support war and atomic bombs and opposes it. We do not have the intention to harm those who suffered from atomic bombing."

Big Hita, Lee Jin-hyung, was apologized to officials of the Korean bombing association on the afternoon of October 16. Hapchon is called "South Korea Hiroshima". 70 percent of the atomic bomb victims from Korea were from Hapcheon.

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