"Reunion" Jeongseon – Lee Jae-yong, Global cooperation in the future


Vice President Lee Jae-yong of the Samsung Group and Vice President of the Hyundai Group Jinsung Group coincided with managing the convergence of the global information and automotive industry.

Samsung Electronics, the world's leading smartphone company and Hyundai Motor Group, the world's fifth-largest automotive company, continue to participate in linked, autonomous and full-fledged markets. The world's future automotive market is represented by connected cars, autonomous driving, the ever-increasing expectation that it can guide.

On May 5, Kia Motors and Samsung Electronics attended the Apgujung-dong, Bit 360, in Seoul, attended by Kwon Hyuk-ho, vice president of the Kia Motors sales and vice president of Samsung Electronics Korea, Park Byeong-Dae. Signed a memorandum consent (MOU).

Both companies will launch the Galaxy phone, which will provide an optimal environment for Kia users from the beginning of next year. The phone is equipped with "Knox Customization", a customized solution developed by Samsung Electronics to improve the digital experience of the customer.

At the end of this month, it will unveil the 5G (5G) mobile communications network using autonomous mobile technology created with the collaboration of Hyundai Motor, Samsung Electronics and KT.

Hyundai Motor, Samsung Electronics and KT will present related technologies in line with the ceremony to complete a stand-alone demonstration driving site to be built in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province, at the end of this month. Hyundai Motor was responsible for cars and major advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), Samsung Electronics equipment for 3.5 GHz 5G network equipment and KT for the 5G communication network.

The I30 N line, one of the high-performance series "N", delivered by Vice President Jeong Seon, was used for the Samsung Haman International audio subsidiary. Hyundai Motor Group is also considering cooperation with Samsung SDI for the development of batteries for electric vehicles.

According to business circles, Samsung and Hyundai Motor Group have formed a strange tension as a company that represents the past business world. In particular, after Samsung, which was sold in the electronics industry in the 1980s, entered the automotive industry at the end of the 1990s and after the financial crisis sold it to the French Renault group. It was difficult to determine the co-operation between the two groups.

However, two years ago, Lee Kun-hee and Chung Mong-koo, three-year-old Lee Jae-yong and vice president of the justice department,

Lee Jae-yong and Vice President Ji-sung are known as the successors of Samsung and Hyundai Motor Group, which do not overlap, but have maintained an intimate relationship since they are about two years old. It is said that occasionally he encounters a call or a connection, if necessary. My home is also the neighboring cousin Hannam-dong, Seoul.

In August, extensive marketing between Samsung Electronics and Kia Motors began the collaboration between the two groups. Chung Young-ho, Head of Strategic Technology at Samsung, announced in January on the CES in Las Vegas that he will prepare a plan for cooperation with Samsung Electronics within six months.

The Samsung Group is also active in working with the Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group. In particular, Jae Yong Lee changed the car from President SsangYong Hyundai Genesis EQ900.

It was reported that the Hyundai-Kia car group did not know that Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group would be uncomfortable when it announced that it intends to choose the battleground as the future economy in August and to intensify it.

A business official said: "In the past, both companies maintained peer reviews, but the changes in the generation are full, and we perceive the mood of change," he said. "We expect that with synergies between the first and second companies we will be able to create synergies".

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