Renew yahoo … "Cue game, Joy City, Kung Kung Remember" Traveling memories


▲ Restore yahoo (Photo: Yahoo Catcher, Cueplay Capture)
▲ Restore yahoo (Photo: Yahoo Catcher, Cueplay Capture)

[일요시사 취재2팀] Kim Min-ji, a children's web portal, said that yahoo has been restored.

On November 16, news of the resumption of the Yahoo package was transmitted via various SNS sites and online communities, and a link to access to the site was also linked.

If you visit a site that has been suddenly restored, you can see that Yahoo stopped in 2008, as if you were playing a time capsule.

Many of the netizens who looked at the restoration of yahoo, looked back to their childhood and were connected with their eyes.

In addition, some netizens remember their own games when the children were like yahoou.

Various games such as Cueplay, Joy City and Kung Kuk Tao, which made many users sad at the end of the service.

In particular, Cueplay, developed and serviced by Nexon, was the first in the world to introduce partial payments and attracted public attention.

Cue game that collects game money on a way to solve a quiz, and it can be decorate the avatar to fit the flavor.

Cueplay, which once sold $ 200 billion a month, finally left us on December 31, 2015.

On the other hand, it is not known exactly how the Yahoo bug was restored.


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