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Donation of love to the Social Welfare Center
I visit older people who live alone and bring rice … Free meals


Renault Samsung Motors donated love rice and volunteered to participate in the Renault Motors Quality Support Team and 18 members of the community community community center Wonju City on June 16, he said.

With this activity of social contributions celebrating this year for the second year, Renault Samsung Motors and its associations have donated 2,000 kilograms of love rice to the community welfare center, visited older people living low on their own income and delivering rice and providing free meals.

Renault's Samsung Motors co-author Hwang Eun-young said: "This activity of social contributions has been carried out together with Renault Motor Club members and has added meaning." We plan to continue activities for disadvantaged neighbors around us who need a warm hand in the future. "" He said.

In addition, Renault Samsung Motors also carries out various social work activities, such as support for older people living alone in the Busan area, support for disabled groups, support for alternative schools for North Korean defectors, talent donation, and activities for the poor.

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