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"Real Answering Answering Machine?", Galaxy S10 More information


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With the recent Samsung Developer Conference (SDC18), attention is focused on the Galaxy S10 again.

IT MediaPhone Arena has set up a stage to gather rumors and the latest information about the Galaxy S10, known today as it is at the ninth local time.

The right shape of the frame
The first part to be presented is Bezelis. The Galaxy S10 will be equipped with an automatic camera under the screen to realize the true Vasselless design, claims the media.

Samsung is preparing a new Infiniti with Infiniti-U, Infiniti-V and Infiniti-O, which minimizes the mask when using the camera in full-screen mode.

Infiniti-U, Infiniti-V and Infiniti-O are U, V and O holes on the top of the front-panel display. In this case, you can remove the smartphone window, and the screen is a hole.

New-Infiniti has the advantage of integrating the camera under the screen to create a complete disc without holes on the screen. However, experts say that it is difficult to commercialize them by 2020, when technology is not yet available, and images are blurred.

Therefore, unlike the media claims, the Galaxy S10 has the highest probability of accepting the Infiniti-O method.

Fingerprint scanner with built-in display
One of the most common features of the Galaxy S10 is a fingerprint reader.

The most important versions of the Galaxy S10 available in all three types will use the Qualcomm ultrasonic components to display the user's fingerprint displayed on the screen and then return and display the triangle. It is expected that demonstrated security capability that can not be compared with the existing one.

As the ultrasound passes through a thin film or liquid, there is no problem in operating even below the screen, which is known to be very accurate also for water or sweat fingers, which are the biggest drawbacks of conventional fingerprint sensors.

It is expected that the speed will be faster than the current fingerprint recognition method, and it is expected that the fingerprint recognition authentication system will be significantly advanced.

Triple camera with 3 lenses
The Galaxy S10 Plus seems to be using a triple-camera system that provides wide-angle, telephoto and general photography.

The Galaxy S10 is expected to use the dual camera technology used in the Galaxy Note 9, while the Galaxy S10 will be differentiated by using the technology with only one camera used in the Galaxy S9.

However, it has not yet been confirmed whether the camera will be in a horizontal position, such as the Galaxy S8 Plus or vertically, like the Galaxy S9 Plus, the media reported.

New standard penguin color?
Recently, the design of the smartphones of each manufacturer has become similar and the color appears as a differentiation factor.

Huawei has recently received a positive response in the market by placing a color gradient that uses two or more colors instead of one color in its P20 Pro.

There is rumor that Galaxy S10 will have a color level. I have not yet prepared a special color scheme, but I expect the media to be very cool if I use gradations of colors with blue-orange, purple black and so on.

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