Ogadon Square, where both women sit on both sides


The mayor of Busanja Ogdaon recently criticized the patriarchal organizational culture, centered on men, to accommodate the employment of young women living next to them. Oh, the market is controversial, the SNS published an explanation and an apology.

Criticism of a man-centered and excessive loyalty
Apology at the SNS

Launch of the polemic, May 14, Oh, the mayor's changeover for full-time employees, and related photos, and uploaded their Twitter account. Oh, the mayor organized a press conference this morning and announced plans to convert employees into a city house and related offices to full-time workers, then visit a shelter in an underground garage on the first floor of the building. The problem is lunch for lunch (photography), followed by staff suggestions after the meeting. Approximately 10 staff members attended, and a young worker sat on the market. This scene was photographed and published along with the Oh Twitter website, which spread through the SNS, followed by criticism of "men's culture of dishes", "excessive loyalty" and "patriarchal organizational culture".

As the dispute expands, Mayor O published a message entitled "I'll Feel Uncomfortable Again" on September 16th. I would like to thank all citizens who have expressed their intellect and anger in accordance with the mistake. "He said. Djingjin reporter djrhee @


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