Friday , March 5 2021

News 9 ‘Park Cheol-woo’s’ attack coach Lee Sang-yeol has given up the rest of the season and baseball suspects ‘Happy’ Mito-KBS News

  1. News 9 Park Cheol-woo striker Lee Sang-yeol’s coach has given up the rest of the season, and baseball also suspects “Hacker”KBS News
  2. “I do not like the eyes of Park Cheol-woo” Lee Sang-yeol attacked and Kim Ho-cheol closedChosun Ilbo
  3. “It doesn’t make sense to give up on a business trip” Park Cheol-woo, “There are more victims” (2021.02.20 / News Desk / MBC)MBCNEWS
  4. Director of KB Sang-yeol Lee “Abandonment of the remaining games”: General Sports: Sports: NewsHankyoreh
  5. KB director Lee Sang-yeol has dropped the rest of the game this seasonChosun Ilbo
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