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Gochang-gun mun-eup bible 11 points of overflow

On January 15, Lee Young-duk, director of the research department of the Honam Research Institute for Cultural Heritage, discovered a mysterious shrine (in a dotted line) at Moojang-eupseong in Gochang-gun, Jeonbuk. Mujeong Eupseong, built in 1417 for the defense of war criminals, was a military center with extensive training facilities and military bases before the demolition of the imperial castle in Japan in 1911. The Cultural Heritage Directorate

"The left-wing soldier (? ~ 1597) shot an enemy in a castle under the castle of Gyeong. They did not know how they were made, watched, tried to push and twist. Suddenly the gun exploded and the sound caused the earth to vibrate, and the bone was broken as a star and dispersed. (Missing) The warriors finally left the race and escaped. "

Sei Ae Ryu Sung Ryong (1542 ~ 1607) recorded the whole picture of the Japanese invasion of the Imperial War (毖 毖 毖 毖 毖 毖 毖 毖 毖 毖 毖 毖 毖 毖 毖 毖 毖 毖 毖). It was a mention of the city of Gyeong, which was removed in September 1592 by the military forces under Kiyomaso Kato (1562 ~ 1611). This is not the only battle. In the background of the main battle that Joseon won in Imjinwaeran to Hansando, Jinju,

The secret weapon that rescued Chosun in the Japanese invasion of Imjinwaeran was found in a pile of guns in Jeonbuk and Eupseong (Moojang-eupseong, Historical Site No. 346) in Mukjang-gu, Jeonbuk. On November 15, the Hunan Cultural Research Institute (KNRC) said that 11 research sites were found near the eastern eastern wall of the municipality, including the Chosun Dynasty Training Institute and the construction site, which was supposed to be a military base.

On the same day, on the ruins of bloodshed (caves / caves) there are 6 people who used it as gugio. The other five were found in the surrounding sediments. The size is 21 cm in diameter and weighs 17 ~ 18 kg. The appearance was similar to the peg, but the unused bomb was so that the bar was left inside. Lee Yeong-deok, a researcher at the Honam Institute for Research on Cultural Heritage at the Institute of Research on Cultural Heritage, said: "So far 6 cases of ashtrays have been discovered which were left after the explosion." "It seems to be."

On the outside of the companion accompany the broken shells, and many pores (air holes) were designed to increase explosive power. Hunan Cultural Real Estate Research Institute

Right next to the cave where the marauders were dug, an artillery site was found to actually shoot a gun. The stone was installed in such a way that a flat surface and clay was formed, and two holes were drilled to put a gun on. In the late Joseon dynasty, "Yonggwegwil demands," he said that "300 balls (about 360m) will blow if he fired in Zhongwang." We find the remains of records in old documents.

One year before the outbreak of the Japanese invasion of Korea (1592), it was highly appreciated because it was originally invented by Joseon. Jeon Won-pil says he laid a powder and iron in cast iron and set up a bamboo cylinder, which today serves as a fuse guard. It was a time bomb containing a huge fire that controlled the time of the explosion. This is a mystery of flying, so it does not explode between 400 to 500 feet (about 500 to 600 meters), like the term "flying". In China, a weapon called Jincheon (震天 雷) was developed, but there is no way to delay the time of the explosion, such as a self-help gun.

However, it was not used during the Japanese invasion of Korea, but it was rated as the shell of the late period of Joseon. In 1894, Moojang Eupseong was a place where the Donghak peasant army, who ran around Jeolle province in the Jeonbuk province, had been defeated by the military government and conquered it. Yun Duk-Hyang, director of the research institute Honam Cultural Property Properties, said: "It was found that the Joseon dynasty was found along with the 19th-century Joseon dynasty. This is the key weapon."

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