Kim Joo-mum, Kim Jun-ho, etc.


Attached picture 1During the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, [연합뉴스]

The competition team will participate in the first International World Cup 2018-2019 International Ice Skating Championships (ISZ).

The men's and women's national athletes will race their first World Cup race three days in the first round of Obihiro in Japan on December 16th.

Ten men and eight athletes will take part in the competition.

Lee Suk-hwa (Sports Toto) skipped the international tournament this season, while Lee Seung-hoon (Korean Air) entered the Netherlands unemployment association and met with 2018 PyeongChang medalists and new selected players.

The men's division includes Kim Min-seok (Seongnam City Hall), Kim Jin-su (Gangwon Province), Lee Do-hyung (South Korea), Eum Cheon-ho (Sports) Toto), Jung Jae Won (Northeast), Lee Jin-young (Gangwon Province) take part in a long distance.

Kim Jong-woo (city hall in Seoul), Kim Min-ji (Secondary School Sehwa), Kim Min Jo (Korean University) Dongducheon City Hall) for medal hunting.

Athletes will take the first steps to prepare for the Beijing Olympic Winter Games in 2022, which will ensure the right to qualify for the World Cup next year.

After the first round of the tournament, he moved to Tomakomai, Japan, and immediately returned to his homeland after a three-day tournament.[연합뉴스]


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