Wednesday , January 27 2021

“Intestinal microbial imbalance, a possible cause of severe deterioration of COVID-19” – Sciencetimes

It has been suggested that intestinal microbial imbalance may be a factor that seriously exacerbates new coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

Kim Hee-nam, a professor in the Department of Biosystems and Medical Sciences at Korean University, revealed on August 13 that as a result of an analysis of research articles collected during the Crown 19 epidemic last year, intestinal microbial imbalance and consequent intestinal leakage negatively affect Corona’s prognosis 19.

The opinion was published in the ‘PERSPECTIVE’ section of ‘mBio’, an international academic journal published by the American Microbiological Society (ASM).

Professor Kim estimates that intestinal health deteriorates as the intestinal microbial balance is disturbed, during which time the virus enters the epidermis and internal organs of the intestine, leading to a strong progression of Corona infection 19.

It is thought that impairment of barrier function due to imbalance of the intestinal microflora may exacerbate corona 19 infection and lead to intestinal leakage.

The medical community believes that the intestinal microbial flora, called the microbiome, has a major impact on human physiology and immunity.

It is already well known that when the balance between microorganisms is disturbed, for example, a decrease in beneficial bacteria in the gut and an increase in the number of pathogenic harmful bacteria causes various chronic diseases.

Professor Kim explained, “This is because an imbalance in the gut can affect the homeostasis of the gut, and this allows the Corona 19 virus to access the cells of the gut mucosa and, in severe cases, pass through the intestinal wall and penetrate the blood.”

At the same time, it revealed that domestic and foreign research results suggest a link between gut health and corona prognosis19.

Professor Kim said: “It has been reported that there is a high probability that corona 19 infection can lead to serious illness if he suffers from chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, etc., but they all have an unhealthy intestinal microbiota.”

“In recent studies, in patients with COVID-19, intestinal microbial diversity has typically decreased, such as a decrease in beneficial bacteria in the gut and an increase in pathogenic bacteria,” he said. “It is necessary to understand the mechanism that links corona 19 infection to intestinal microbes.” did.


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