Busan City · LH signs a cooperation agreement to activate a recreated city center


Busan and New Zealand are planning to co-operate with Busan and the Korean Land and Residential Corporation (LH) to revitalize the development of key areas linked to the integrated development of northern ports.

On August 19, Busan City announced that it had signed a cooperation agreement with the Korean Provincial and Housing Corporation throughout the City Hall International Hall in the afternoon of 20 in co-operation with the revitalization of the center's center in connection with the development of the integrated development of the North Port.

It is a project to increase the sustainability of the city center by spreading the effects of large-scale development projects, including transforming the northern port to the entire area of ​​the central area.

This agreement must: ▲ set up a master plan for the rebuilding of the city center in connection with the integrated development of the northern port and to identify the urban renewal project in connection with the development of the northern port; It contains a plan for active cooperation.

City and Korea for land and housing corporations will organize and manage a working group in December to promote effective work and discuss each other with specific issues.

In addition, the issues dealt with in the working group will be reflected in the "Urban Recreation Planning Service in connection with the Integrated Development of the Northern Port 2019".

During this time, despite the promotion of various types of large-scale development projects, the decrease in population as a place of residence, the increase in the number of closed projects and the aging of the population is increasing at the heart of the city.

The city intends to continue to work with the Korean Provincial and Housing Corporation to revitalize the living quarters of the population, the work center as a job and create attractive spaces that use historical and cultural resources.

Busan Mayor Ogdaeon said: "The opportunity to preserve the history of the original center of the city has made it possible to preserve the original port of Pusan ​​Port 1", "We have done the function of the city center and have changed into the center of the city where people come back, I will increase the competitiveness of the maritime capital Busan with the revitalization of the city. "

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