"Alley Restaurant" Baek Jong-won, furious at the Son Hong Son relationship … "


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Baek Jong-won, the street restaurant of Baek Jong-won, was angry because of its non-verbal relationship.

On September 7, the entertainment program SBS "Baek Jong-won" restaurant, "Baek Jong-won" market segment, Baek Jong-won unveiled the reality of "zero availability"

The ninth alley, located at the Alley Baek Jong-won restaurant, is located at the foot of Bukhansan.

Although it is a market place, 3MC was surprised at an outside location where customers could not reach, and Baek Jong-won, who visited the whole country, was wondering about the identity of the stores on the market.

When Joe Boa introduced Daejeon and Sungnae-dong, I mentioned that the Poovarter market is deeply connected to it.

The first visit by Baek Jong-won to the market was a hat-house. Baek Jong-won even waved his son's unfounded appearance when his mom disappeared from the store, despite the fact that he started doing business for his son. So Baek Jong – won the proposed urgent test for his son.

The son who heard the contents smiled sensibly, and the test is expected to be completed.

In addition, Baek Jong-won expressed the expectation that the final food is "delicious food, even if you smell it." However, he was very angry at revealing his son's relationship with his mother and he did not want a sudden trial. My mom has poured out a tearful tear in her story.

The story of a son who shocked the scene and the story of his mother can be found on the entertainment program SBS "Baek Jong-won" Alley Restaurant ", which was played at 11.10 in 7th place.

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