2TV Live Info Today's broadcasting service, Tangbang-dong Agar Steam (Aggalbi Steam) – Jeju Champon Gangjatang … The secret of the city


KBS "2TV Live Information" was broadcast on November 19 evening, and "Gourmet Aggalbi" and "Seafood Chanpon Gamjangtang" were introduced with the help of "Secrets of the City".

Today, this place is known as the restaurant for "Agugalbi (Steamed Eggs)", "Royal Nabe Kalguksu & Agu Steamed", located in Taebang-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon.

Chewing wings and soft and chewy bitter pearls meet to create a new flavor with spicy sweet spices. Especially it is prepared not only for a regular angel, but also for a large quantity of 7 kilograms of large soft-textured angel. Fruits and vegetables in spices are kept in the same ratio to maintain the same flavor, but bitter pumpkin is caught with a table and soy sauce and then slightly roasted. In the end prepare the juicy beans of beans.

"Tang 196", located on Jeonbuk Road in Jeju Province, a special self-governing region is nowadays known as the Seafood Chanmon Potato Tang restaurant. When you close the pot with a lot of seafood, you can see the huge backbone hidden behind it. "Seafood chanpon potato tang", where the sea and the land meet, is filled with fresh seafood, which in Jeju seems delicious, and ready-made spines along with red peppers in powder and shrimps. Tomato pasta and tomato risotto can be enjoyed at 4,000 victories per meal.

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