2. Zodch Singles Badminton Competition


2. Zodch Singles Badminton Competition

"2. 2018 Jamsut – Badminton Korea Won Onwon (1on1) The Fastest The Most Powerful" ended.

Jamestown – Badminton Korea The one-stop competition is the fastest running badminton, sponsored by the professional Jamstveni sport watchdog, organized by badminton professional magazine Badminton Korea. This is the first competition for fast food in Korea.

The second tournament took place on November 18 at the Badminton Stadium (Park Mansuk) in Suwon. Last year, around 350 players participated in the tournament, including the winner of the tournament and competitors.

Especially in this tournament, a basic competition was held, and 3rd and 4th Prizes of Primary and Non-Players Prizes were also competed. In addition, many players of different ages, including 20, 30,

Athletes who participated in each competition were strongly challenged, and the first and third places were rounded off with the final result of the round. At the ceremony at the end of the games, Fisher Carrie Racquet was awarded the Fischer Ulaan Racket prize for the second prize and the Fisher sock, the third prize winner. In elementary school, players who received excellent grades were rewarded monthly and a certificate, and the cap was presented to all participants.

The official sponsor of the event, Jamst, provided an area for relaxation in the arena, where bandwidths, meadow spheres and subordinate belts could be used in order to preserve the best conditions for participants and quickly restore their performance. .

In addition, various events took place for those involved in the game or those who were enthusiastic, so that the participants were able to participate in competitions or events in photographic areas.

Sponsor, sports watchman Jamst, said: "The reason for the sponsorship of the solemn ceremony in badminton is to support the improvement of the individual's ability to retain even sharply in unique conditions before the solemn ceremony of doubling and improve the home team's badminton club by raising team work. I will strive to provide products and services that will help many people who love badminton to get to know the trend of time, "he said.

In addition, the hungry tournament Jamst sponsors fans of the 2018 badminton and the Jamst-Badminton Korea Super Tournament for six consecutive years. .

The Badminton Korea Super Tournament will be held at the Olympic Stadium SK SK from March 23 to 201 in 2019.

Lee Seung-han


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