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Picture of the gas station in Seoul. [사진=뉴시스]

[웹데일리=유원진 기자] As the fuel tax is reduced by 15%, the price of domestic gasoline has reached 1,500 watts per liter (l).

The average price of regular gasoline sold at service stations across the country in the second week of this month fell by an average of 85.2 compared with the previous week to 1575.2 won, according to information from Oilet Corporation ( KNC).

After falling 29.6 won last week, 114.8 won fell for two weeks. The price of petrol fell to 1500 victories for the first time since the fourth week of May. The sales of diesel cars fell to 56.1, which is the lowest level since the third week of August.

An indirect diesel engine, which is not covered by a tax reduction on fuel, was steadily up 20 weeks in a row, with a 0.1% increase to 113.0 points.

According to the regions, the price of gasoline in Seoul fell to 1652.6 compared to 72.8 times in the previous week, but was 77.4 percent higher than the national average. Daegu, the lowest price area, sold on average 1543.7 won, which is 83.6 wins.

However, the government's original rating for a maximum of 123 wins per liter and diesel does not drop for 87 victories. In particular, given that international oil prices have increased significantly recently, it is analyzed as not broad. Oil prices in Dubai, which fell by $ 82.8 a barrel in early October, fell to $ 67.6 on Friday.

"Oil prices have fallen due to US stocks of crude oil and increased production, and the possibility of reducing smaller oil producing countries is limiting the decline," he said. "Prices of domestic products will continue to decline as a result of the decline in international oil prices and oil prices." "He said.

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