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[@더그아웃] SK, Kim Dong-yeop – Park Seung-wook … Sanchez is available


[엑스포츠뉴스 인천, 채정연 기자] SK Wyans changed to Josh Lindblum. Jeong Yoon – Kang Seung – ho instead of Kim Dong – yeop – Park Seung – wook.

SK will play 9th place at Happy Dream Stadium Incheon SK and season 4 of the Korean season post-season Maike KBO after the 2018 Shinhan Bank season. SK, who took the day before the rain, strives to win 3-0 over Kang Kwang Hyun, born in Korea.

◆ Replace with an alternate launcher Lindblum, a line?

There are two major changes. Kim Dong-yeop went seven times to the left field and Seung-wook Park hit nine in the second. It's a substitute for Jeehyun Yoon and Kang Seung-ho. "Lim Jeong-yoon did not have a problem with the game in the left-hand game in the third game, but Kim Dong-yeop in the first game against Linda Blum raised the ball, and now Lindblum has made a new campaign. I am aware of it." Lindblum struck well against the right-hander and added the Seung-wook Park.

◆ Lindblum I was bad, but I put it at least 3 times

Lindblum was not at the top of his best, but was placed in number 3. Hillman said: "Lindblum did not just go against Choi, but also against other players." In the last three years, Lindblum has on average 22 homers and this year has fallen to 10. "

◆ Winds affect the literary area?

Hillman also mentioned the effects of the wind. "The wind blows a lot on the left and the air is colder than I thought," he said. "Yesterday I canceled the game and played yesterday, and I love the day."

◆ "Catch the ball" Sanchez, there are troubles available

Sanchez, who could not play because of the spinal cord, looked at the situation when he batted the ball. "It's good to be in Sanchez," Hillman said. Asked how many players could play, he said: "I think there are at least two incidents possible.

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