The first step is NifMo sales of ASV ROG phones for sale MVNO. 4815 yen × 24 meals also – Engadget Japanese version


About "ROG PHONE (ZS 600 KL)"

○ Functions
– 2.96 GHz Qualcomm (R), equipped with pure ROG gaming DNA and Adreno 630 GPU,
Equipped with the Snapdragon ™ 845 mobile platform
– Equipped with "X mode" to increase the efficiency of running game applications
– Includes an external cooling unit that can cool the CPU in the heat production department by 47% as usual

○ Color
○ the size of the SIM card
NanoSIM ※ microSIM is not supported.
○ Price (excl. Tax)
· Flat rate: 115,556 yen (at the time of the change of model: 112,800 yen) (Note 1)
· Payment of a meal: 4,815 yen × 24 times (note 2)
○ Detailed page address
※ Check the top page for details, such as product specifications.
○ Sales location
· Official NifMo website: https: //
· Telephone window: @ refurbished reception (10: 00 ~ 19: 00 daily)
0120-50-2210 (free, mobile phone · acceptable PHS reception)

For details on the "NifMo" fee, check the service page (

● Release the Memorial Prize

1. 15 special guests will receive special goods from ROG Phone!
2. With a lottery from those who signed in November, 3 people will receive additional equipment for ROG Phone!

● Benefits of use
Applications for discounts of up to 1,000 yen for users "NifMo" for those who downloaded and logged in by downloading the "NifMo" "NifMo Value Program" (note 3), "My NifMo" (note 4) by the end of the second month.
Sign in to both "NifMo Value Program" and "My NifMo": a discount of 1,000 yen
· Sign in to "NifMo Value Program" "My NifMo": discount 500 yen
Those who signed in to the destination application in the past are out of reach.
* Discount is used at the beginning of the next month of the month when you first sign up for each application.

● NifMo Anshin Guarantee Premium up to a 12-month rebate
In the period specified below, you can use "NifMo Anshin Guarantee Premium" for a discount of up to 200 yen for up to 12 months with a person who has applied for "NifMo Anshin Guarantee Premium".
○ Period: Friday, 16 November 2018 – Monday, December 17
○ campaign content: monthly guarantee with a discount of 200 yen (maximum 12 months)
○ NifMo Anshin Guarantee Premium Information page: https: //

From now on we will continue to provide customer life-style services based on the corporate message "Us Us, We Can." If you become wonderful.

Note 1) Modification of the model (
Those who have been using NifMo for more than 12 months are eligible. The payment method is only one-time payment and a separate administrative fee of 3,000 yen (excl. Tax).

Note 2) Payment of a meal
The total payment of installments is equal to the flat-rate tax payment. The fee for the interest rate is borne by the company.

Note 3) "Program NifMo Value" (
The questionnaire answers as a shopping site "NifMo" ("save with shopping"), download recommended apps ("save immediately"), eat and drink a monitor, etc. The questionnaire answers ("Eat and save"), is a service that discounts a monthly subscription.

Note 4) "My NifMo" (
It is an application that can easily access the Wi-Fi auto-connection function, includes communications, NifMo-Reduced NifMo, NifMo, and support information.

● The @ nifty service query window
@ Nifty customer service
0570-03-2210 (NaviDial) ※ Buyers are responsible for calls
Reception: daily from 10 am to 7 pm
※ If you are using an IP phone, an international telephone, a flat-rate tariff plan for mobile phones, call 03-5860-7600.

* Product names, service names, etc. They are generally trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.
* All tax-free display fee excluded, unless otherwise indicated. There is a separate consumption tax (exempt tax, without tax is impossible).
※ The content is from the date of the presentation. The change can be made without prior notice.
* ASUS is a registered trademark of ASUSTeK Computer Inc.


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