The highest annual salary in the world of balls has been updated. Giant Tomoyuki Kanno, 31, faced contract renewal negotiations on November 14 at his Tokyo property and signed 800 million yen, or 150 million yen.

“It exceeded,” Petagini (the giant) said in 2003 and 2004, surpassing an annual salary of 720 million yen and becoming the top in history. “There is a lot of pressure and because of the amount of money I have to play an active role. I feel like I’m getting tougher,” he said.

Now Off signed up for the referral system and was working on a big download. He decided to remain the giant of the 8th negotiating deadline. “As a result of repeated negotiations, I have decided that this is not the right time to take up the challenge, but I am confident that what I have experienced during this period will be an irreplaceable asset in my future life.” I was talking. He returned to Japan on the 9th and is currently conducting voluntary training within the confines of voluntary isolation.

Regarding the spring camp from February 1, Director Hara said: “The current schedule is S (group). Start with Okinawa. If you can enter the season in good condition without effort, I think you will achieve some results. I want the fact that you have had different experiences, turn it into a positive one in a very short time. I hope the opening will start in perfect conditions as soon as possible. “He will join.

Last season, he scored 14 wins and 2 losses and a defensive level of 1.97, of which 13 consecutive wins from the opening pitcher for the first time in history and 100 wins for the first time in Heisei. For the first time, he won the title with the most wins and the highest victory rate, and won the award for best player. For this season, he said: “First I want to be the best in Japan. When I’m done, I’d like to take the challenge if I have another chance to move on to the main.” (Amount estimated)

Transition Transfer of annual salary to Sugano

13 years 15 million yen

2014 70 million yen (an increase of 55 million yen)

15 years 110 million yen (by 40 million yen)

2016 130 million yen (an increase of 20 million yen)

2017 230 million yen (100 million yen more)

2018 450 million yen (an increase of 220 million yen)

19 years 650 million yen (200 million yen increase)