"Rainbow Six Siege" A free weekend that has free games! Gamer


Free Weekend can enjoy "Rainbow SixShie" free of charge from November 15th (Thurs) to Monday 19th (Monday) for a limited time.

Save the information you played during a free weekend, you can download it to the version of the product, such as. (The stored data will not be inherited in the version of the starter of the issue of the computer)

Also, during this free weekend you can buy the digital version of "Rainbow Sixthsi" at a reduced price. Do not miss this opportunity if you have not played "Rainbow Six Sage" yet!

Free weekend details

Platform: PS4, version of XBOX ONE, version for PC

Implementation period

PS 4: November 15 (Thur) 22.00 – 19 November (Monday) 22.00 (time in Japan)

XBOX ONE: November 15 (Thurs) 5 pm – November 19 (Monday) 5 pm (time in Japan)

PC version: Friday, November 16 (Friday) 2.00 – 19 November (Monday) 5.00 (time in Japan)

※ In order to enjoy online content in the PS4 version of XBOX ONE, you need to buy "Rainbow SixSeege" and join PS Plus, Xbox Live Gold

※ Please note that the implementation period can be changed without prior notice

Discount when buying a product version during a free weekend


Implementation period: Thursday, 15 November – Sunday, May 25

DISCOUNT: Up to 50% discount

Xbox One

Discount: Up to 70% discount

PC (Ubisoft Shop)

Implementation period: Thursday, 15 November – 20.

Discount: up to 65% discount

Rainbow Sixth Advance Edition


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