Monday , March 8 2021

Message to Darvish on SNS results of Seibu and Imai not bothering to pretend (West Japan Sports) – Yahoo! News – Yahoo! News

  1. Message to Darvish on the results of SNS Seibu and Imai, who do not bother to pretend (Nishi-Nippon Sports) – Yahoo! NewsYahoo! News
  2. Rare in the Red and White Battle of Seibu A pitcher defending the left catch – professional baseballNikkan Sports
  3. Seibu’s first red-and-white battle is also lacking for field players … “Kokuba Tsubasa is on the left”
  4. Twice completed in the red and white battle of Seibu / Imai! Width slowly and quickly with two types of slidersSports Nippon Shimbun
  5. Imai 2nd Complete, Genda & Kuriyama et al. Timely Hit / Seibu Red and White Battle DetailsNikkan Sports
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