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Eglise Saint-Jean-Baptiste

Location:rue Léon Gambetta, 64500 Saint-Jean-de-Luz

When I visited another day, I was in the middle of a wedding ceremony

There are also houses where Louis XIV remained for 40 days when the wedding was visited. Since the museum's tour takes place at a given time for each group, confirm, after checking the time on the website. Entrance fee is 6,5 EUR for adults (approximately 845 yen, 1 EUR = approximately 130 yen recalculated). Photography inside the building is impossible.

This house was built in 1643. It seems that the shipyard's owner was rich, but his descendants lived from his construction and seems to be the head of the house. Since I could not visit the residential area, I was pleased to see many different spaces, but while I was looking at the furniture and furniture that stayed there, I imagined the state of the time while listening to the explanation of the guide.

Maison Louis XIV

Location:6 Place Louis XIV, 64500 Saint-Jean-de-Luz
Web page:Maison Louis XIV (English)

There are houses where Mary · Thereses remained in the neighborhood, but you can not enter the interior.

La Maison de l'Infante

Location:rue de l'Infante, 64500 Saint-Jean-de-Luz

At this wedding, Maison Adam (Maison Adam), who was the Royal Shopping Confectioner, presented a macaroni for celebration. It is simply sweetly baked with meringue, mixed with almonds and sugar, and is intended to be the prototype of the current French macaroni.

I bought a macaron and nougat, coated with black chocolate, called "Crottins de Pottok", which was recommended to be delicious. "Crottins de Pottok" means "mud from Potok (a pony part of the Basque Country)" (laughter).

Lartigue 1910

Location:67 rue Léon Gambetta, 64500 Saint-Jean-de-Luz
Web page:Lartigue 1910 (English)

Also with Saint-Jean-de-Luz Bayon (Bayona), which sells summer sports shoes called Espadrilles. It was established in 1890. The crochet and cotton cloth are covered with cannabis and the color is colorful, so it's fun to watch.


Location:60 rue Léon Gambetta, 64500 Saint-Jean de Luz
Web page:Bayona (French)

Well, from here on, I would like to present some of the things I like especially in Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

Exte Nami

Location:11 avenue Jaureguiberry, 64500 Saint-Jean-de-Luz
TEL:+33 (0) 5 59 85 51 47
Web page:Exte Nami

This is a store that was opened two years ago, based on the Japanese concept. I read it like Eze Nami. This means "house of waves". The owner is two French women, and one of the owners is a Japanese mother.

"ZOOM Japan" has also taken place

For lunch this day there are 3 menus. Vegetarian meal, meal for fish, udon. Almost all material is locally produced organically. In the evening there is an a la carte menu.

I ordered a fish meal. It's nice to cook rice and it's beautiful on the board of various herbs and it's very tasty to fit with fresh sashimi. But the first thing that I thought was "delicious" is the miso soup. There are few ingredients, but there is a deep taste.

Asked by Emi Yanase cook: "Soup is a vegetable juice produced by cooking vegetable waste, etc., Cooking thoroughly, etc. Miso is purchased from the place where the ecological soap is produced in France" It was.

It seems that the dessert is delicious, so it takes care of the pumpkin cream. Of course this was also excellent. When I eat something tasty, it feels not only the stomach, but also the feeling of full filling with my heart.

Pumpkin cream selected for dessert

Mr Yanase is a cook in Japan and has 18 years of history. It seems that sometimes in Kyoto, sometimes also belts

When they go half the basement from the restaurant, Japanese dishes and Japanese dishes, etc. Each owner carefully selects items. Here, a variety of themes are organized regularly, not just things based on the theme of Japan, but also unique things, such as Tarot fortune telling.

I think Mr. Yanase talked about a Japanese mouse, which is Japanese, but "sir" is a tasty mouse made by a Japanese couple near the city of Tours in central France. At Exte Nami, it seems that a workshop on the production of Miso with a invited "gentleman" was invited.

The time that was made from pottery studios was waiting for completion

One owner, Gloria · Reiko · Pedomontt. Every year it seems to be visiting Japan

We also recommend specialized coffee and tea shops established in 1920 in Saint-Jean-de-Luz. I bought original mixed herbal tea as a souvenir. It seems that grass is not produced in the Basque region but has the name Sare (Saar), a village near Saint-Jean-de-Luz. It seems to be tea with relaxing effect and digestive effect.

Maison DEUZA (Maison Duza)

Location:18 rue Joseph Garat, 64500 Saint-Jean-de-Luz
Web page:Maison DEUZA (French)

In connection with tea, there were pharmacies that focus on the original herbal tea. Approximately half of the interior of the shop, which was coated with herbal tea, was separate or intended.

And this pharmacy is not just about selling goods. The owner of the pharmacist will provide personal counseling. In the first 45 euros (about 5850 yen) it seems to suggest vitamins, minerals, herbs, essential oils, etc. Depending on the state of the body. It's a bit far from the city, but I think this is a fun place for those who are interested in natural remedies.

Pharmacie de Jalday (Pharmacy Jarde)

Location:18 avenue de Jalday, 64500 Saint-Jean-de-Luz
Web page:Pharmacie de Jalday (French)


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