【Awano Kisaragi column】 D1 GP2018 From the TOKYO DRIFT field in the last race 【KISA's DRIFT LIFE vol.3】


I went to TOKYO DRIFT on November 3rd. Holding a relationship with the Olympic Games in Tokyo The White Bulls battle this year in Odaiba is supposed to be the last! This time, we will ensure the state of these two days.


On Saturday, November 3, the final race of the Grand Prix D1 and the fourth day (Sunday) took place on the special venue in front of the Odaiba Scientific Hall.

For the first time, the Grand Prix D1 has become a narrow door on which only the top 24 classification can be involved, which ranks in the previous match. In addition, FIA IDC collects top-level drivers from around the globe and decides the world championship world championship tournament!

TOKYO DRIFT is the place where the driver can only ride, the driver is admired.

WORKS Wheels

For these two days, I put out my D1 Lights and Cresta entry-exit machine at outdoor workstations.

I'm glad that this year was licensed, I became a D1 Lights machine and brought Cresta to Odaiba here!

Many people have seen my partner! Thank you!

My Cresta wheel is the new T5R model of the Emotion Series 2018. The size is 9.5 J / 18 in. Before and after, offset +12. Check out how the 【Best Strength Wheel】 exhibited new】 book is also being introduced!


And the last game of the Grand Prix D1 was the first winner of the UK Sekai Work Driver WORK! Congratulations! !

Retirement of legendary drivers

This time, Odaiba became the La Strand Legend, which took part in the first year of the Grand Prix D1, Ken Masaru Nomura. With the retirement of the big star, all of them enthusiastically, the cards on the stand were quickly sold out.

Nomura was already the best star of the big star ever since I met the Grand Prix D1, so I never thought I'd leave. Retirement was shocking, I felt lonely that the times would change.

The celebration was wrapped in tears on the scene. I think it's hardest to do something more than to start something or something to leave. I want to send applause every day when it runs. I really appreciate your work for 18 years!

D1 Lights conversation with the driver's conversation

At lunch on Saturday, March 3, we had a D1 Lights driver dialog on the free-play area, and this time we continued playing Tsukuba and Ebisu Games. Drivers taking part in the D1 Lights are the next generation drivers who will run the Grand Prix D1. Also check D1 Lights and hurry up and find the driver!

The final game of Nikko Games is December 1 (Saturday) Circko Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture. Please enjoy viewing at the local level! I'll wait!



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