Friday , October 22 2021

Tumor treated with hypnosis / Catanzaro, a heavy charge for a doctor who denies all


A woman from Catanzaro strongly accuses a doctor who told her to stop her treatment A "healthy" tumor with hypnosis. Three years have elapsed since the diagnosis of bone metastases. It is likely that for this 45-year Calabrese it would be much easier if you did not come across the wrong doctor. The patient reported on a doctor who would take him to decide on the abandonment of traditional medicine in order to focus on psychotherapy and hypnosis. Drugs and chemotherapy therefore replaced relaxation meetings and worked at will. A shocking appeal was lodged with Procurator Catanzaro, who announced that a woman, assisted by lawyer Pino Pitaro, would be in a truly tragic situation in the hospital. In the statement, you read heavy words such as "manipulation" and "scam" in order to try to understand the woman's ability to save only because of worries, a little from the canons.

Tumor treated with hypnosis: a 14-year history

History of the ladies a tumor treated with hypnosis since the summer of 2004, he began quite a long time when he began to think about the new medicine. At that time, the lady, at the time of a young girl, would deceive the doctor without senses and with false beliefs. Three years ago is the decisive moment, the one that changes your life. A chest event leads her to a specialist who advises alternative medicine Hamer, which points to a new and indeed very dangerous road. However, persistent pain in the neck prompts a woman to do more in-depth reviews in 2017, which will reveal the transformation of the nodule into a very aggressive metastatic bone cancer. In a complaint to a doctor who now rejects everything, it would also be a statement that the patient was forced to sign a statement that he could forgive an expert.

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